Did the Xbox 360 indirectly damage the Final Fantasy brand?

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I didn't believe that there were people that were genuinely angry that SE made FFXIII multiplat, but now I've realised that was very much the case - if people are still slightly blaming MS 6 years later, imagine how angry they would have been when it was announced o.o

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after 13-2 I'm gonna say no.

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I don't think so. The latest Final Fantasys have damaged Final Fantasy.

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No, SE is fully responsible in the decline of the FF brand. They made the design decisions, not MS, and the game would had been the same even without a 360 version.

It's wrong to blame the Xbox 360. I am pretty sure that Microsoft knew that even if they got Final Fantasy XIII as a multiplatform game, it would still sell a lot better on the PS3, so they paid off Square-Enix to make the game suck. So don't blame the box, blame the corporation.

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Sorry why did PlayStation ruin the Final Fantasy franchise? I preferred the franchise on Nintendo consoles. Heck Square makes Crystal Chronicles with Nintendo on Game Cube and it becomes one of my all time favorite games. Personally I think Square is best at making FT games.in conjunction with first party developers. When Sony worked closely with Sony the games were pretty good when Square worked directly with Nintendo the games are bloody amazing. It is when Square goes it alone that they don't do as well. Squares main games should be exclusive. Plus if they are exclusive Square can better utilize the hardware of each individual platform.

I have no doubt Square could make a great FF game with Microsoft if they worked together and Square built the game around the 360 hardware from the ground up.


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I too think that releasing the game on Xbox360 damaged the game. If this game was PS3 exclusive, they could have taken advance of the blue ray completely. Instead a lot have been left out in the game to fit the multi discs on the Xbox360. But FF XIII was still a good game not a must buy game but a good one. Unfortunately it doesn't have what most FF has showed, replay value. Honestly after finish this game I didn't really feel like restarting (And I have restarted everysingle FF I played, except for XII and XIII, even replayed X-2).

Popularity is the biggest reason why an franchise could decline in quality.


No. Two subpar mainline games did (XIII and XIII-2). Actually without MS paying for that pretty huge advertising bill for XIII it would have probably sold way worse in the west.