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Halo series badass Master Chief is getting a new set of togs for this year's Halo 4.

We knew that already, although a freshly revealed Halo 4 action figure gives us possibly the clearest view yet of his latest armoured suit.

Master Chief's new look was initially glimpsed in the first Halo 4 trailer, released at E3 last year.

New Halo developer 343 Industries said then that the Chief's suit wasn't final, however the figurine's new plastic-moulded design has obviously employed the same wardrobe designer.

"There's some story behind his new look," boss Frank O'Connor previously hinted. "There are specific reasons why he looks the way he does and why some of his behaviours have changed. We'll see in good time."

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Masterchief meets the hulk ^^ Looks kinda weird on a action-figure, but I think it should look pretty sweet in-game.

Either Chief got penis reduction(/removal?) surgery, or he's playing it risky without his codpiece.

You know, I was just reading the Halo books yesterday and found out that the armor changes over each game actually makes perfect sense! The technology in the armor is an advanced nanotechnology which the books say give the armor the ability to upgrade itself over time, especially when the Spartans are in Cryo. So it makes perfect sense now that the Chief will look quite a bit different after drifting through space for however long in that cryo chamber.

Spoiler alert ^^

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Credit goes to Demoncarnotaur for these pictures.

Nsanity said:

Credit goes to Demoncarnotaur for these pictures.

Hmm... Is it just me or is Master Chief slowly transforming to a male Samus?

Hmm.. I was a bigger fan of the other armor :)

And the most generic protagonist of all time just got a little bit more generic-er.

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its funny he look like he has hips ...