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Or have they... I'll be buying a 32 gb card today so before I put anything on it I'll make a check. With you probably being right, how much memory does it have?

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Was just in Gamestop. They don't have a single 32gb stick on display. I should have asked an associate. Good to see what you guys have been saying about the memory. Fills me with a lot of confidence. I currently have over 20 games on my current 16gb memory stick. I went a little crazy last week buying games from the PSN so my 8gb memory stick (formerly used for movies) is full of games, too. All that's left is my 8gb of PSP comics.

I think I'll just port the best of the best to the Vita and leave everything else on the PSP. That would clear up a lot of space on both. More than likely, I'll buy every Vita game instead of downloading. I don't think it would be worth it to download like it was on the PSP (UMD's were slow loading, a bitch to transport, and a drain on the battery). My 32GB card should last quite a while as long as I don't get screwed out of too much memory.

Which reminds me : I gotta go online and order a 32GB card. Crazy thing is that there isn't even really a Vita game I want, yet (Rush is still a ways off). Gotta think about the future, though. Would have been a big help with my PSP, that's for sure.

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d21lewis said:
One thing I hate about storage devices (HDD'S, Memory Cards, etc.): No matter which one you buy, they always find a way to screw you out of some memory. Buy a 3GB card and you'll get 2700MB. Buy an 8GB card and you'll get 7500MB. I own a "500GB HDD" but when I got it home and tried it out, I only had around 450GB. Why can't companies sell me an 8GB memory card and it have 8.2GB on it? Why is it always me that gets screwed out of the memory? I buy a device thinking I can store a set amount of por--video games and I always have to compromise.

What it has to do with the topic is this: I plan to buy a 32GB Vita Memory Card. I want to fill this sumbitch with games, comics, pics, and shit. Since these memory cards are PSV only, is this the ONE time that I actually get 8GB when I buy 8GB or 32GB when I buy 32GB? One of you PSV owners, gimme some good news.

a 32GB card should have about 29.6GB of data that you can use

I got to hold it at best buy and when I first saw it it was bigger than I thought and the screen was also bigger than I thought I was in "awe" its much different when you see it and use it in person kinda like watching a concert on a TV or computer its not the same as going to an actual concert and being there.

I went by Gamestop today and their demo model is gone. I wonder what happened.

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@d21lewis I probably got a glitch or people have dirtyed the system to pure uglyness.

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d21lewis said:
I went by Gamestop today and their demo model is gone. I wonder what happened

It got jacked or broken.

I should check my local GS to see if this isn't common. I kind of want to try the Gravity Rush demo anyway.

I finally played a Vita at Best Buy. I wasn't impressed by what I played.

First, the screen isn't as beautiful as claimed to be and no it wasn't because there was a few fingerprints on the screen either. If I had to choose between a seem-to-be HD OLED screen and a glasses-free 3D screen(Nintendo 3DS). I would choose 3D anyday simply because I notice the difference and it works as it should.

Next, the buttons feel cheap and too close together(at least the X button and the down d-pad button). I didn't really feel the games I played using these small buttons. They should've made them bigger. The analog sticks worked as should, but they don't travel far so I felt that when I moved the character they could actually have time to walk to run. But, I didn't feel that. Also, they are small.

The games I played were Gravity Rush, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and Welcome Park. I really didn't like the load times in the games. It shouldn't take that long to load especially if it's on a game card. The graphics didn't impress me either. There not as beautiful as you would see them on a video, which is ironic because whenever I watch a 3DS game on video it would look better when I played it in motion. I will say that the touch screen wasn't as tedious as I thought it would be, but the rear touch pad remains to be questioned since I gripped the system with my fingers on the pad. I tried holding it differently, but I didn't like the other feel.

I can't really say anything about Gravity Rush. I wasn't diffcult and it was easy to grasp the controls. I didn't feel the combat in the game and the boss battle was too easy. I expect the game to be much more diffcult in the final version.

Uncharted remains to be one series I can't see the praise. I just didn't like playing it and the touch controls were unresponive.

Welcome Park is Welcome Park, that's it.

Overall, I didn't like the system and was unimpressive by what I played. I know many of you will say that I'm a Nintendo fan and i'm saying this to downgrade the system and I will not disagree with you. I am a Nintendo fan. But, I will not say that my experince is lie in anyway. This is in fact my opinon of what I felt.

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Pokemonbrawlvg said:

*Reads your entire post*
*kind of agrees with some points*
*Gets to the part about the 3DS's 'superior' screen*
*notices your name and avatar* 

stopped reading there, bro.  

I own the system, I've already put in 50+ hours with it, and while I Agree there's no excuse for load times (seriously) and I'm worried about the buttons being too close, the screen is absolutely gorgeous.  

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It's weird!

I don't like it, it's too unergonomical.

It's sleek, the buttons feel cool, and the quality looks really good, but it doesn't feel durable to me (like like my GBA SP or DS), and I never liked playing with the screen between my hands. Makes sense for shooters, but I still wish the screen folded.

Waiting for a 3DS redesign.

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