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Michael-5 said:

BTW I want to vote for top 3

1. Hamilton
2. Rosburg
3. Massa (unless he crashes)

if you are going to try and play each race with us you should put down a dnf too in your prediction for the points

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don't have sky but had the multiscreen up on BBC sport which has 4 screens on it and some awesome stuff on driver cam with big bolts of lightning in the distance getting closer on alonso cam

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Michael-5 said:
Angelus said:

Bahrain was the best race of the season. That's a fact 

Hamilton and Rosburg were racing, so no.

Damn right they were racing. Best wheel to wheel battle of the season in that race.

1. Hamilton
2. Rosberg
3. Vettel

DNF: Kvyat

Looks like it will start again in 5


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Maylasia Zuv  Cone Jonop Rain Angel Iron That Jona Grou Sen Bren Mich
 1st Ham Ham


Ham Ham
 2nd Ros Ros


Ros Ros
 3rd Vet Vet


Vet Mas
 Retiree Sai Kyv



 Good job Vettel splitting the mercs and amazing to see a 17yr old up there,that really is young,incredible,he is obvioulsy very good and has some big people behind him to get a chance so young

                                                                                                                                        Above & Beyond


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Great lap by Lewis. Interesting tactics by Nico. Good job Vettel. Dance for rain.


Nico is making himself look a damn fool always asking his engineer questions he's not allowed to answer

1. Ham
2. Ros
3. Vet

Dnf: Button

1) Hamilton
2) Rosberg
3) Vettel

Edit: DNF Stevens (with Manor now confirmed to be racing tomorrow) 

1. Hamilton
2. Rosberg
3. Vettel
DNF: Mehri