Has FFXIII-2 Bombed Worldwide? Where Will The Series Go From Here?

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Has FFXIII-2 Bombed Worldwide?

Yes, especially in Japan 73 26.55%
Yes, especially in the West 34 12.36%
No, the sales are great 168 61.09%

It's not a bomb but it is definitely a huge disappointment.

It's sales are more in line with a FF spin off than a main title. To put things in perspective in Japan it seems 13/13-2 have hurt the series a ridiculous amount. 13-2 is going to be the worst selling main FF game EVER in Japan. It will also be the only main FF title to not reach 1 million sales in Japan.

For those interested, these are the sales in Japan of the main games. 13 itself was down at Nes/early snes levels and 13-2 is by far the worst performer.
FF8 - 3.63m
FF7 - 3.28m
FF9 - 2.78m
FF10 - 2.73m
FF6 - 2.55m
FF5 - 2.43m
FF12 - 2.33m
FF10-2 - 2.11m
FF13 - 1.88m
FF3 - 1.39m
FF4 - 1.33m
FF1 - 1.21m
FF2 - 1.08m
FF13-2 - 0.79m

In the West it's been doing a little better but not great. Worldwide it will likely be the worst selling main FF title since the series went 3D.

A big problem is how long the games take to make though. In 7-8 years they managed to put out 2 games. In just around 6 years (edit: Sorry put 4/5 at first but it should have been 6) Bioware will have put out the entire Mass Effect trilogy. the first two games being critically far better received. Before someone does a sale comparison keep in mind we have no idea about ME's sales on PC as well.

With the utter mess of 13, 13-2 and 14 Square have massively damaged the franchises reputation.

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Great Post ^^

Can't compare 13-2 to X-2...X-2 came out after one of the greatest games ever where 13-2 came out after one of the most hated games ever.....

Sales are fine. If 13-3 comes out then the sales are going to drop even more. 13-2 will have better legs-long term due to word-of-mouth.

If Versus bombs SE should worry

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Good post Zim!

Of course XIII-2 did not bomb in terms of sales.
But compared to the FF franchise you can see interest is falling with each new FF.

Kinda getting tire of these negative Final Fantasy XIII-2 thread. Personally I'm enjoying this game more then any other JRPGs release this gen on home console and I have played 75% of them out there.

What an awful thread. The game sells over a million copies in its first week and is showing consistent sales in Japan and somehow that makes it a bomb? And of course you just assume it has been overtracked in America to fit your own viewpoint.



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FF versus XIII to the rescue!


however FFXIII-2 is selling great on the ps3 just like FFXIII did

No offence OP, but didn't you make a thread a few months ago predicting that FF XIII-2 would do 2m LT (LTD means Life to date btw and most of the time the way people use it makes no sense).

It has already sold almost 2m with only a week out in the West, so I really don't see that happening.

FFXIV was a bomb, FFXII-2 is probably a success for SE.
Then again on the internet everything has to be either absolutely amazing/huge success or crap/total flop.

well i don't like the direction the franchise is going, but the capture feind idea was great. needs some work though.

US preorders just got readjusted, European sales halved, I'm in a nightmare right? I'll just go to bed and tomorrow morning sales will be readjusted, right? After all FFXIII had indeed been undertracked at launch...

And anyway at 860K the PS3 version is just 20% under FFXIII first week in the west so I rather think it's not that bad given the unfair amount of hate FFXIII received. Furthermore, XIII-2 cost much less than XIII given that it re-uses many elements so it's probably an excellent operation for SE profitwise. Therefore, FFXIII-2 sales are quite positive for the future of the series because what matters is profit not sales. SquareEnix itself, in Japan as well as in the West, wasn't probably expecting or needing FFXIII-2 to surpass FFXIII, so I guess we shouldn't.

The 360 version almost halved, that should be the only thing worth notice.

badgenome said:
I hope not. XIII-2 is awesome.