PS2 hit 115 million this week. Where will it finish at? Post you prediction

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According to VG Chartz the PS2 sold 227,901 (subject to change ofc) and having sold some 9 million consoles this past year its total now stands at 115,050,967.

Sniping about people buying replacement PS2s when their old ones broke to one side, where do you predict it will end at?




I'm predicting 130 million.

meh - missed the 'r' in your

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150 million and a 99 dollar pricetag will be announced soon.

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I think vgchartz have untertracked PS2 sales a bit. I say about ~133milj. where it stops.


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Sony has shipped over 130M since TGS 07. So I say they will make it past 16M shipped with 150M sold once its $99.99



this is taking into consideration that it sold 10m last year, and will have a priced drop in the near future

120m, seriously, whos gonna buy it in a years time






















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