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It's the second month of the year ....and still not a single clear clue about 3rd party launch titles for the WiiU. Sure some titles like Ninja Gaiden, Aliens Space Marines and your annual FPS game is more than guarantee, the reality is that it'll be a dissapointment; but so let's go wild and think what games could make the WiiU launch something awesome. Here's my list:


_________ Souls

Imagine the hard nature of Dark Souls and Demon's Souls without the need to interrupt your game to access the menu. The pad could be a really good sustitue for the menu screen and save precious seconds than you can spend dying in the game.


New Valkyria Chronicles

This game BEGS for a new console release, the control can be used for everything since checking the map, stats, weapons or even give orders to your units.


Dead Space

Well it's too soon for a new sequel but a spinoff or alternative game'd be nice ...... except if it's on rails.

Read Dead

Screw GTA, if Rockstar is going o release a surprise this year I'd love to see a new Read Dead. Sadly it's not going to happen.

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Remake of Super Mario World

And I am sold.


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Use your ~Imagination~ :D

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

#1 - Pantsu Quest by some random perverted Japanese developer
Take photos of girls underwear using the controller withour getting caught. Beware of the angry feminist squad!

#2 - Mix between Minecraft and Harvest Moon

#3 - Valkyrie Profile 3

#4 - Fatal Frame V (incl. FF IV)

#5 - Valkyria Chronicles 4

#6 - Nintendo vs Capcom

#7 - Star Fox by Platinum

#8 - Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck: The Game

#9 - Starcraft Ghost

#10 - Timesplitters 4

Just RPGs, for god's sake someone make some good RPGs!!

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I would have to say this is more of a realistic best case scene Rio for third party releases on WiiU. Nintendo launches DK and Star fox day one alongside three third party flagship titles.

Day one launch titles.

Sonic:New Generation. Sega recently said that the third generation of Sonic would begin shortly. Their was 2D Sonic then the Adventures Sonic and the first title to feature the Sonic reboot will he a launch day title for WiiU. The title will be an exclusive to WiiU and kick start this new generation of Sonic.

Killer Freaks from Outer Space the flagship title from Ubisoft built from the ground up for WiiU. The game will be the new Red Steel as Ubisoft tries once again to release a fresh new IP.

Dragon Quest X , the long awaited console entry in the Dragon Quest franchise. Makes its debut as a day one launch title for WiiU. The game features everything known but also tons of new tablet based features.

Those are the launch day titles. I would ideally want around 20 third party exclusives and a further 30 ports within the fiscal year. Below I will talk about launch window third party exclusives.

Ubisoft, Nintendo's largest supporter last generation is back with a vengeance. During the launch window Ubisoft will launch its new MMO. Mark Ancel will have a launch window title ready and lastly a Raving Rabbis title.

THQ, eager to take UbiSofts place as Nintendo's big supporter THQ will go all out. I suspect WiiUDraw will launch in early December. Th's remaining draw staffers will limp out the final draw projects releasing 3 already in development draw tablet games. The WiiUDraw game will retail at 49.99$ and the three last draw games release at 29.99$. THQ will also have at least one exclusive game within the launch window. It will be a new IP not yet announced.

Sega, Sega will hit the WiiU as hard as they usually do. Super monkey Ball will launch in December right before Christmas. Alongside Monkey Ball expect a new title to be released in early 2013.

EAGames, EA will use its Nintendo dedicated assets to launch a launch window exclusive. The title will likely be a new IP. EA will have at least another exclusive title ready for release during the launch window.

Activision, SkyLanders 2 this time without Spyro. The new title will feature a new toy series with at least thirty new figures. The game will ditch the portal using the tablet controller instead, thus cutting manufacturing costs and increasing profits. Activision will have a second exclusive title likely based on Spyro or Crash in one last attempt to revive the two series.

Capcom, Capcom will have an exclusive title within the six month launch window as well. The title could be a new IP. Expect a new Mega Man available on the Nintendo Network.

Konami, Konami will be heading out to support WiiU likely with an exclusive title though I have no idea what it will be.

Square-Enix. Alongside Dragon Quest X Square will have a new entry in the FCC franchise hopefully. This title will be co-developed with Nintendo. It will be a return to the Game cube formula. Launching in early 2013 the title will have four player coop, two tablet controllers with two 3DS's. The title will also feature a two map versus mode allowing up to four teams of four to compete for the miasma each team rushing through the map while taking each other on on the way. The game will utilize Nintendo's new online network. Also another title will also be headed exclusively to WiiU.

NamcoBandai will have a new entry in the Gundam series signalling it is headed to Nintendo's platform. This exclusive will put you in the cock pit of a Gundam like never before. You will see the control screen laid out on your tablet controller. As per developer request the tablet controller will now be multi touch rather then the stylus based screen we saw at E3. The game will be built from the ground up.

Majesco will be getting its paws on the WiiU action as well. Cooking Mama Cutting Board will be a launch window title. It will use the new tech to its fullest. You will now be able to purchase actual accessories. A knife that can be used on the actual tablet to actually chop you vegetables. Other accessories like a laden spoon, fork, beater among others will be available in a set sold separately. Majesco will have other titles available but Cooking Mama will be its flagship title.

Atlus, Trauma Center this new exclusive entry will allow gamers to get deeper into the art of operating. Using the screen and a bundled stylus (needle) to bring you into the operating table. Another Atlus title exclusive will also come during the launch window.

Code Masters will bring an exclusive title. I am guessing it will be a racing title a second title based in air combat simulator is also possible.

Disney, with the recent acquisition of Ignition and its recent growth. I expect three exclusive titles based on Disney properties. Marvels Super Hero Squad is possible. Also possibly a new Epic Mickey. A third title based on a huge Disney franchise will also come exclusive.

Gameloft will likely help with a possible Ridge Racer. I suspect a possible exclusive title might also be on the way. This title would use some guys from Game lofts console team and their tablet team.

Not sure who will publish in NA. Harvest Moon Farm. Utilizing the new tablet will change Harvest Moon drastically this game might not make it during the launch window but it will likely be announced.

Among the exclusives their will be tons of ports. Expect ports of Call of Duty, DOA5 GTA5. RE6 will be receiving a special version for WiiU. Assassins Creed and every other major title from Ubisoft, EAGames, THQ. Many titles from Activision will also be ported. Atari will likely also port most titles. In Japan expect Konami, Capcom and NamcoBandai will also port alot of their titles. Its unclear whether Square will fully support WiiU with most of its ps3/360 games or rely on its exclusives.

Among the biggest ports I think might come include Star Wars being EA's answer to UbiSofts new MMO. A release of a new entry in the total War series is unlikely but possible. Civilization is likely to be ported and Ubisoft might bring Settlers as well.

In the end I suspect their will be a massive launch window lineup. I am guessing that this line up is the best possible. I also suspect Nintendo will secure some exclusive DOC and Nintendo will reach out to app developers like the one who makes the story series. I suspect Angry Birds, Plants versus Zombies and every major ISO or Android title will come to WiiU. Nintendo may also enable the Facebook app to be used to play some of its games.

Nintendo can dominate the industry this winter.


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That certainly is a good dream JC7!

I want GTA 5. That is all.

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GTA5 is a given. Most of the games I mentioned will come some like Sonic might end up multi platform but given Sea's history of launching exclusives on Nintendo platforms and the fact.this is a new generation of Sonic it would make sense to launch it on the first new hardware.

I would say above is logical. Though some titles might not make the launch window six months though I would suspect most will come within 2013.

The Old Republic is a 50/50 in my opinion. Ubisoft and EA have both talked about how Nintendo's online network will be the first console that can be used to play PC software. The network is supposed to be extremely flex able. Ubisoft already confirmed the new f2p Ghost Recon is coming and the MMO likely. EA is bound to respond.

I think the Nintendo Network is Nintendo's blitzcriege by handing third parties so much control to do as they please will give Nintendo an upper hand if done correctly Nintendo could hit Live hard.

If I wanted to start a dream line up. It would include Sonic Shuffle 2, Rayman (A new 3D entry) , Star Wars Battlefront 3, FullAuto3, Turok:Returns, Beyond Good and Evil 2 , Battlefield Bad Company 3 , Star craft 2.

Bungie's new game will possibly be their but I would love to see it in the launch window. Both of Insomniacs new games. A new classic Spyro and a new Crash. I think one might come but it will be a departure much like Skylanders.

In the end their are so many third party games I would love to see. But those are not realistic. My list above (OP)


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Sorry one final comment I expect this 50 third party games within the launch window or possibly delayed for launch year is possible because a massive change in third party opinions. Activision, EA among other publishers have been very skeptical that Nintendo can create another successful console.

3DS showed even Ubisoft did not trust Nintendo cancelling its games and withholding development support as 3DS suffered. Other third parties like Activision did likewise and EA cut back. The whole third party industry panicked showing they had no faith in Nintendo. But the second 3DS began turning things around developers and publishers were quick to resume support.

Now with Nintendo's current situation third parties know Nintendo is not only going to make sure WiiU is a success but it is going to cooperate with third parties like never before. Example developers told Nintendo they wanted to see the tablet able to do such and such. According to third parties Nintendo has granted their every desire.

As such I think WiiU will have the strongest third party support to date. Assuming Mario is held back for the launch window and Nintendo gives new IP and third parties a chance while also showing its confidence in the hardware.

50 third party launch titles. 8 first party launch window titles including a 9th bundled. This will give Microsoft and Sony a run for their money. Unfortunetly I am a tad concerned that with so many titles their sales will not be amazing. Nintendo will need to shift 2-3 million units holiday 2012 with 10+ million at the end of the six months


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Dead Space 3

F-Zero (yep, third party)

Metro: Last Light

Left 4 Dead 3

That's all I require.