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1) Super Nintendo Wii.
2) Nintendo 6.

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Well, call it Wii-2 and there won't be confusion as people understand its a sequel then. However, if losing the Wii moniker is considered not as important, then a wholly new name would definitely be ok too.

But, WiiU is definitely a little confusing right off the bat as it does not clearly tell the purchaser its a new version. Basically, yes, you will have the same confusion where many people thought the 3DS was just a DS with 3D capabilities.

ohh I like some of your suggestions with Stream. Kinda still flows with the whole Wii name too.

I still stand by the name - Super Wii

F that... Nintendo needs to prove they're OG that they are.

Nintendo SiX.

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happydolphin said:
Call it the Nintendo Dream. Nice and simple :)

I wish I could have a Nintendo Dream.

The need to appeal to hardcores.

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I'm still for Super Wii myself

96,5% of the market (as seen here) tells me that de DS - 3DS confusion is not that "confusion"...

I vote for Wii U.