Rumor: Nintendo renaming the WiiU before E3

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Still think they should go with my suggestion:


Wii Nintendo Entertainment Revolution

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How about the Nintendo Mix

Wii Ultra.

The BuShA owns all!

I wish they called it the Hale... think of all the catchphrases they could use.

"Oh Hale yea!"
"Raise Hale"

And all the software can be called Storms. Hale...Storms. Pay me.

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Honestly, I hope they do change the name and also hope that "Wii" isn't in the name at all.

I don't like:

Wii U
Wii 2
Super Wii

The best out of those is Wii U though IMO.

I suck at thinking of names so therefor I won't. Out of all of the options posted in this thread:

Stream is the one I like the most because it makes since and still sounds good

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Super Streme




I liked Stream.

Love and tolerate.

A possible name that could confuse people even further would be WiiDS. The WiiU is essentially a double screen Wii.

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How about the NES2 or just NES ?

Back to basics, and a new start to gaming much like the original was. Alot of bands come out with a second self-titled album later in their career why not Nintendo?