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CVG understands that following a disappointing E3 reveal - and public confusion over 3DS - serious discussions are ongoing at the highest level in the US and Japan as to whether the firm should cut its losses and give the console a different name.


Public confusion over the Nintendo 3DS has forced the platform holder to roll out bold red box stickers to differentiate the similarly-named system from the original DS, and it even enforced the TV tagline 'This is not DS. This is Nintendo 3DS.'

It's been indicated that Nintendo is keen not to repeat the same mistakes with its next-generation home console, and we're told a change of name is a real possibility - especially after president Satoru Iwata told investors Wii U needs to learn "a bitter lesson" from 3DS and public confusion over its features.


I could easily see that happen honestly. Should Nintendo do this, or this "WiiU" a good enough name?

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Hmm, double edged sword. WiiU might bring confusion, but it's also a big brand name now.


They can still rename it so let's change it.

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I wouldn't mind a name change. Let's face it, WiiU ain't exactly Nintendo's best thought of name.

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Seece said:
Hmm, double edged sword. WiiU might bring confusion, but it's also a big brand name now.

You've got a point about the Wii brand... maybe something that would keep the Wii name but differentiate it more than a single letter. Super Wii, here we come!

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Seece said:
Hmm, double edged sword. WiiU might bring confusion, but it's also a big brand name now.

If they're going to do it, it should be before E3 though. I think it's sort of like Sony and the Vita. Or Microsoft and Kinect. Everyone got used to calling them NGP and Natal, but the name change came long enough before the official release that only people who keep up with the gaming world needed to adjust.

I think a re-name is a good idea because..
1. the possible public confusion sited in the article along
2. with the fact that the wii is selling at an all time low and lost the "market leader" position not just by selling less but also by it's competitors reaching unprecedented late generation growth -- i think it's clear that the wii brand is now a damaged brand. just hearing the name makes me angry with nintendo.

Well the name is fine to me but calling it the wii2 or something could work in my opinion.

I can see some sort of change so people don`t think it`s a new version of the Wii. I think the name is not the real issue. More than the name i think the design of the console will help diferentiate Wii U from Wii.
3DS was too close to DS in name and design and the later was probably the biggest flaw.

We all know it would be named WiiPad.