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Didn't read your wall of text but I don't know of any 10 year olds who know or even care about sales and stuff like that.

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From within your posterior it must be blown.


dsage01 said:

All VGC users are 10 year old's who are ironic fanboys and don't have a life...... was something a very good friend told me back in 2007 when I told him about this site as we were both intrested in gaming, accounting and sales. I found this site told him about it and that's what he stated. I myself at that time knew that wasn't true and showed him the site, the threads and how mature people as oppossed to all the other gaming sites/communities. He then agreed to that VGC is infact the best gaming community that he had ever laid eyes on.

I soon met my buddy again this year at a University party and after he came over he asked about VGC. I told him that I'm an active member now and how things have changed on VGC. I didn't say anything I just rushed up to the computer and showed him the brand new VGC. He seemed to like it until he saw the threads and the new community. Both our expressions were the same.

Infact I almost forgot that VGC once had a great online community which was friendly and mature but the only one I can picture in my head at the moment is a childish, immature, biased communitiy. I have so many proofs of this that I would have to take 90% of the recent threads and copy and paste them for you to understand my point of view or just look at any exlclusive game's wall.

But I'm not saying I'm perfect. Infact I'm just as bad. 3-4 years ago when I was a freshman or in grade 10 I could compare games in a calm and understandable way. When me and my cousin who is a big fan of Skyrim and I a big fan of Uncharted 3 started to compare games and why we thought one was better the only thing that happened is me and my cousin got in a pretty big argument which did get personal. I don't like Skyrim and he doesn't like Uncharted. But instead of talking in a mature way I jumped on to him by giving reasons why Skyrim is crap and why there isn't a better game then Uncharted.

Funny how two years ago we both had a comparison between Uncharted and L4D2 (which I didn't like at the time) and we had a civil conversation and we both got to understand why we didn't like that game. And after that we played a game that we both liked. I understood that I was talking to him in the same way as VGC users were talking to me and how I was talking to them when comparing games.

It's okay to be a fan of one game and post 100 threads on it (Well that can get annoying) but to post 100 threads when comparing a game/company/ anything else you like and putting down a game/company/anything else that you don't like with no respect to how others feel about what your saying is just simply what I call not having a life and being a ironic fanboy with serious issues.

I might get banned because of this thread but I don't really care as I know that maybe a couple sensible users will understand what message I was trying to convey and I will call that an achivement. 

Paragraphs are wonderful... This is the same post, but divided into something that doesn't murder eyes.

Anyway, I think that this issue has been brought up quite a bit over the last year or two. The best way to improve the community is by leading through example. Start great discussions, politely call people out who are being rude and immature, and be civil yourself whenever you post. The problem is getting more people to do that.

Man people talk like old vgchartz was some kind of paradise of understanding, funny, and smart posters. As a PS3 fan it was as miserable as any other forum, even more-so because we had weekly sales to haunt it. Only real difference is before we had funny trolls, now we have really annoying trolls.

Read the whole thing. I'm proud of myself!