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The bigger the better 6 3.85%
Decent enhancement is fine 54 34.62%
If they're small just leave em natural 50 32.05%
They're disgusting no matter the size 23 14.74%
See results 23 14.74%
trasharmdsister12 said:
badgenome said:
Sometimes they come out alright, but I generally hate them. Better small and beautiful than big and ooogly. I mean, some guys just go way too big, and the end result doesn't even remotely resemble anything like a penis.

Edited title.

I assume the original title was just "Implants: Yay or nay"

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Pettanko all the way ;P

Seriously - no implants, all natural!

Kai Master said:
I would never date a girl with fake boobs (= superficial stupid girl), the only exception is if this is medical (cancer, accident).

are you basing this on your own experience or just making a general judgement here????


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