At $400 billion, Apple is worth more than Greece

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theprof00 said:
Thats like giving charlie credit for his angels

Not the same thing at all. It was often Jobs that came up with the idea. Did the people around him make those ideas better? Sure, I don't doubt it.

Everything in Apple, Inc has Steve Jobs' fingerprints all over it. The secrecy within the compnay, its heirarchy, the "think different" ideal, the product design, the user interfaces... Did Steve Jobs actually design all of those things? Of course not, Apple, Inc is worth 400 billion dollars. There is no way one man could be responsible for every aspect of a corporation that large.

Okay, let's put it another way. Name me another company that is even 1/10th the size of Apple where the CEO founded it and still heads every major project. And obviously, Jobs wasn't just rubberstamping every project. He personally scrapped the iPhone project and set the team back two years because he didn't like what they were doing. He almost fired the entire MobileMe team on the spot because he was so unhappy with Apple's cloud computing solution. He bought his own company and turned it into OS X.

You're trying really hard to discount the man's accomplishments in the face of piles of evidence that point in the other direction. For what reason? Because you didn't like him? Shit, I don't think anybody really liked Steve Jobs. 

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What did you guys think of yesterday's event? I thought publishing your own books to the app store is a cool idea. I am thrilled to see where it's headed.


edit: Typical vgc apple thread!


nahh the price is just speculation and not the real price. apple 4x more worth than toyota for example is stupid in my eyes. if both companies wouldn't be on the stockmarket owned by one guy he could get much more for selling toyota or let's say the same.

us-americans and brits love the stock market much more than let's say most europeans, we don't see it like them.

it's not like normal people really pay so much for an apple stock because they think one part of apple is it worth, they just think it could rise even more. if these people would have to pay for a part of apple or toyota without stockmarket i bet most woudn't pay 4x more for a one millionths part of apple than they would pay for the same of toyota.

rocketpig said:
kowenicki said:


And people forget that Steve Jobs had to go begging to Bill gates to save Apple....

the famous conference where Bill gates appeared on a big screen behind Jobs and the crowd were whistling, booing and jeering...  Jobs turned and said "people here have to understand that for Apple to succeed Microsoft doesnt need to fail" (I paraphrase).  Jobs then spent the rest of his time slagging off MS and Gates... classy.

Steve Jobs had to go beg Bill Gates for money (and given that MS was headed toward an anti-trust suit, it was actually vital for MS to keep Apple alive) because the people who were running Apple were so bad at their jobs that Steve was brought back to save the company. Do you honestly think MS "saved" Apple because they're nice guys? They needed Apple afloat or they would have been ripped apart by Congress in an anti-trust suit.

Steve Jobs wasn't even CEO during that conference and had been back at Apple for roughly two months.

I understand that many of you choose to spend your free time hating Apple simply because they're successful but again, at least try to get your facts straight.

Yeah I hate Apple... by the way... I'm typing this on my brand new macbookpro (top spec).... but hang on I have a call on my iphone4... oh and look the FTSE is up today according to the bloomberg app on my iPad2.

I'm such a HATER!!

I am not saying MS saved Apple for any other reason than it suited them am I?  I am saying Jobs was a bit of a dick... widely recognised as such by people who worked with him.  He took the money from MS and then spent the rest of his time slagging them off.    He isnt anywhere near the human being some apple fanboys and the media would have us belive.

Jobs was a visionary?  kind of...  a good business man?  no way... a good salesman?  definitely... a bully ?  for sure.

I'm not really here!

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kowenicki said:
Jobs was a visionary?  kind of...  a good business man?  no way... a good salesman?  definitely... a bully ?  for sure.

So you own a Mac, an iPhone, and an iPad but Steve Jobs wasn't really a visionary and was good at tricking people into buying Apple's products.

If that is the case, why do you own all those products?

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Well I could get far better products for much less money... So I don't really care about Apple products.
Only own a second hand iPod Touch, which I like because a friend sold it to me for 78€ which I think was alright.
Not really a hater of iPod, iPhone and iPad except that they're horriby overpriced, but I really can't stand MacBooks and their really bad software like QuickTime and *shudders* iTunes.

My girlfriend is a huge Apple fanatic, but sadly she's not that rich so I always try to convince her not to buy another Apple product. Well at least she crashes her iPhone 4 deliberately after a few months to get a (free) new one and she once lied that her iPod Touch isn't working anymore so she could keep the "broken" one and got a new one sent to her for free.
Damn she's evil.

ThePS3News said:
Millenium said:
Apple is still a company that put out overpriced crap, I'll never buy a Apple product.

Didn't even know Greece was worth that much anymore :-p

Apple is a company that ONLY makes quality products. Love them or hate them, You have to respect them for what they have done to the electronic industry.

Cant say the samething for Microsoft....

Didn't they just settle a lawsuit over defective ipod nanos allowing anyone that ever owned any version of the nano to get another free one?

As much as i don't get the appeal of Apple products I have to give they huge credit over ipod, iphone and ipad. Especially ipod and iphone. They entered these market when there was already a lot of competition but still managed to build massively succesfull products. Apples brand building is really something else. I know a lot of people that have bought iphone just because it is ''cool'' to own. They really don't use many of its features that much. It's status symbol for them. Also success of Apple has leaden the competition to also make better products. Samsung's smarphones are damn nice and hopefully Nokia also makes comeback (as I am finnish guy lol). Realy one market that could use alternative choices is PC OS market. It has stagnated little because MS can do whatever it wants with its monopoly. Not to mention Windows is probably the most profitable product on the planet so for prices competition would be damn nice.

Apple was not innovative as the one who created the technology.
It was innovated in taking those geeky technology and making it easy to use.
That is an achievement that technology companies need to understand.
Even if your products have the best specs in the world, if its not easy to use and backed up with software it won't be successful.

MontanaHatchet said:

And this is why we can't have nice things on Vgchartz. We have a thread about Apple and the very first response is about how the products suck. Fantastic.

Just for the future, any baseless trolling like that later in this thread will be a warning or ban.

So now my opinion on the price and quality of Apple is baseless trolling? Good to know you only stick out on the forum for certain companies.