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Turkish said:
"Nomura said that he'd like to make some sort Versus related announcement/showing this year, although he can't say when or where."

People are expecting this game to release in Japan this year, those guys at Squeenix only expect to make Versus related announcement? Is this game moved to PS4 or what? We're waiting since 2006 for this game.

if they take a different aproach at this title than they usually do and dont spoil the whole game and tire us out with tons of trailers and magazine articles that would be nice. i'm thinking 2013 for this one, i hope i'm right. i would be very impressed if it was a worldwide release but i doubt that a lot.

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I love CG , and the idea of making the real time cutscenes interactive is so appealing to me ^^
.. this is gonna worth the wait , mark my words .

they're taking on to many projects at once and causing to many delays. i prefer a well finished product regardless though.

I think this game will be one of the biggests bombs of the century if this shit continues. Its sales potential lowers every year that they don't finish it.

This is not the right sort of information to be telling people. FF13's biggest problem was the amount of time they spent making cutscenes rather than focusing on the quality of those cutscenes and the quality of the gameplay.

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The New Duke Nukem of this generation (in terms of hype)

I hope the end game development will turn out better.

Looks promising and waiting for a actual release date, pretty sure it will be announced if not at E3 but at TGS 2012.

I wouldnt be surprised if the game gets a 2013 release date though.


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So ff versus 13 on ps4 announcement?

There only starting FFX! god S-E stop announcing your games so early

I'll never understand why people lose their shit over this game or over anything SE in general. It's obvious they care far more about cut scenes than any actual game.

The times of the traditional RPG that tells the story through detailed cut scenes is pretty much over. We're at a point now where games let you actually do the fantastical things they do in the cut scenes but can't do in the actual game but SE just stubbornly refuses to move on. Instead they announce a game with a CG trailer and then sit on it for five years.

And so the wait continues.


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