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Time for Final Fantasy XIII!

What a great Final Fantasy! 64 23.19%
I liked it all right. 60 21.74%
I did not feel strongly about it. 23 8.33%
It was a pretty weak FF. 43 15.58%
Worst FF ever! 42 15.22%
Worst game ever! 9 3.26%
I never played this game. 22 7.97%
Scoobes said:
Icyedge said:
Scoobes said:
It's pretty bad for both a Final Fantasy and a JRPG. It really does feel like a game that went through developer hell and was released in an unfinished state with just story and battle system shoved together. Nice artwork but not a lot else. It does pick up a bit towards the middle but nowhere near enough.

May be bad as a jRPG in your opinion, but if we look at the average critics its a good jRPG. I understand that critics arent important for your personal preferences but it needs to be taken in perspective to make such kind of statement.

If you took Final Fantasy out of the name I seriously doubt it would have scored particularly high. If you rate it as a JRPG there are very few actual features that would even constitute it as such. It does the bare minimum (battle system & story) albeit very polished.

Admitedly, JRPGs this gen on HD consoles haven't been particularly good, but in the genre as a whole FFXIII can hardly be considerred good (critics included).

I think it would be the opposite. The name immediately gives high expectations and comparisons. Due to array of things surrounding the game (time of development, loss of exclusivity, general hype, etc), I feel it was going to be hated on regardless. But this isn't the thread for this discussion.


As for Khuutra, continue on! I appreciate hearing what you think as we generally agree on most things. Especially so with praise for Lost Odyssey, FFXII, etc. in this very thread.

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I feel sorry for the OP. Worst JRPG I've played in years.

I just realized I'm in the pol
I really don't hate it for the sake of hating on it. I just think it's a really bad Final Fantasy and RPG. It just doesn't even compare to many RPGs out there.

I'm in the same boat as everyone else. I'm really interested in Khuutra's view on the game. So I'm not gonna debate reasons I didn't like the game. They've been discussed over and over on the forums.

I predict Khuutra, however, will not favor the game as soon as he realizes just how much exploration is limited. If there's anything I've learned about him it's that he values exploration.

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I like 13 a lot. it's my 5th favorite FF I think. Though theres like 8 or so of them that are close.

But, I'd be shocked if khuutra liked it. Beings he hated 10. And I thought 13 was quite a bit worse version of 10.

This game is essentially a dungeon crawler like some SMT games I thought.
There is too many tutorials, but you can skip them. And if you're confused then you obviously needed the tutorial >_<.

Ok, I'll say one more thing and hold my peace. Final Fantasy XIII doesn't even compare to X. X has 3 elements that trumps XIII: story and side-quests, battle system, and towns/exploration.

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hatmoza said:

I just realized I'm in the pol

I thought you would kind of appreciate it. It wasn't meant to make fun of you, more to be a send-up to the fact that of all the people on this website, you're the most visible in your dislike of XIII. It's charming.

Battle system is what make or break this game.
There is nothing else to do in this game, even the "sidequest" is monster hunt.
Maybe if you really like the story than maybe it will redeem some points for you.
For me it's ok, something that I finish but will never replay it again.

Exia makes an excellent point. If you really like the battle system. You'll enjoy the game because that's what the bulk of your time with the game will consist of.

Good luck Khuutra. I tried and I tried, but I bailed out when I was 30 hours in and there was no end to the corridors in sight. I just couldn't take it anymore.

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