What Nintendo "Developed" game do you want to see with the Wii U launch?

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Which franchise?

Mario 142 30.47%
Kirby 4 0.86%
Donkey Kong 34 7.30%
Racing (F-Zero or something) 57 12.23%
Wii Sports type of game 19 4.08%
Other (Metroid, Icarus, etc) 141 30.26%
Do what they did with the 3DS 8 1.72%
See resultz 61 13.09%


Hi everyone!

It is finally 2012, the year that everyone has said the Nintendo Wii U will be released. Also it is supposed to be the end of the world, anyone know if the Second coming of the Wii is supposed to be the trigger event? Anyways! There is already a list of big games that are supposedly coming either at launch or soon after launch. Assassin's Creed Wii U, Batman Arkham City, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Darksiders II, Rabbids, Dirt Wii U, Lego City Stories, Ghost Recon Online, U Wii Tekken, Ninja Gaiden 3, and more.

But what we do not seem to have yet is any hint or rumor on what Nintendo is bringing to the table Wii U launch 2012. I confirmed this with our very own Nintendo expert "Trestes"! He told me there are not Nintendo specific titles that he knows of yet.

So with that being said, what do you all want Nintendo to have for us when the system launches this year? What do you think would be their best option? Keep in mind that Nintendo is still going after the same crowd, but with a stronger system they will be going after the "Core" gamers as well. Throw in the apps, and rumored e-reader and you can go from there!