Your in a video game store what do you take first?

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What do you take first?

The Consoles 22 39.29%
The Console add-on hardwa... 3 5.36%
The Games 29 51.79%
Free Online Passes 1 1.79%
Souverniers 1 1.79%
kiefer23 said:

Screw the consoles. You could probably fit about 5 ps3's in a trolly. I'd run out back and grab handfuls of Xbox live membership/points and PSN currency cards that are £20-40 a pop and the stacks of MW3 as there is more than likely a huge stock holding and they hold their value. Have no problem selling those on ebay or trading them back in to the other GAME store around the corner lol.

Xbox hardrives would be another.

Damn you are thinking! This is the way I would go, then the games...screw the consoles.

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All the money,.




The hot female clerk behind the counter

Cash register and keys to the store so I could return and take my sweet ass time.


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Have you been to a gamestop?

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DarthVolod said:

I don't know what the hell a trolly is, but if it is anything like a shopping cart then you could probably get about maybe 10 systems or so stack on top of eachother in it, but I would say you are better off grabbing stacks of new recent games ... figure they go for 60 dollars each and 5 of those equals a console while taking up only a fraction of the space.

After that, the PSN and Xbox live cards would be a good thing to grab (assuming they are activated since they don't work until activated at a register).

Lastly, controllers would be a good thing to grab as well ... they go for about the same price as a new game.


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I'd take the time to punch out the guy that works there who always gives me "a look" whenever I go over to the Wii section. I can't stand that guy.

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I'll take Xbox and Wii stuff and set it on fucking fire.

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