Are you going to purchase a new hardware this 2012?

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Are you going to buy new hardware this 2012?

Yes a new system (3DS, Vita or WiiU) 104 63.41%
Yes a system of the curre... 9 5.49%
Yes a new PC 11 6.71%
I'm not decided yet 15 9.15%
No 25 15.24%
Probably a Wii U for me, especially if it comes out alongside a fantastic first-party Nintendo game.

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I just bought a Wii in Jan 2011. Probably won't get any new system new year as I still have lots of great DS/360/Wii games to work through.

Waiting for a second generation 3DS with a better battery and Fire Emblem before I get that.

Not getting a Wii U, saving for a PS4 in 2013.

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Yes. Although im very tempted to get a 360, bcoz they're so cheap, ill more than likely be waiting on Wii U (if i can play Mirrors Edge, the Bioshocks, the Ass. Creeds on it).

Might buy another 3DS, because my launch black has horrible marks on it and im kind of upset about it.

I normally don't buy non-nintendo consoles though, thats just habit for me.

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a Vita for my bday, maybe a new laptop and a ps3 slim depending on finances.

Maybe a Crossfire setup for my PC near the end of the year but I'll see how much power I need!

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2 x psvita

klaudkil said:
2 x psvita


PlaystaionGamer said:
klaudkil said:
2 x psvita


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I might get the PS Vita

Probably both the 3DS and the Vita, but atleast one of them very likely.

Won't be making the mistake of buying the Wii U like I did with the Wii and having it gain dust for the better part of its life cycle. Will have to see how the Wii U actually is compared to the nextbox and PS4.