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arcane_chaos said:
oh come now anonymous, there are more companies than just Sony supporting the SOPA(MS and NInteno included) probably butt-hurt that their previous hacks didn't bring Sony to their knees as they thought it would.

Anonymous is a bit like a rabies infested puppydog that is angry and likes to bark a lot.  Probably not that big of a threat, but if you fall asleep, you will get infected.  It has not butt, there isn't a butt-hurt.   What you see with Anonymous, and other organizations born out of the Internet age, is loose associations of people with common interests that act in coordinated manner from time to time, with one member announcing an initiative and others either following with it or not.  There is no leadership or anything driving it.  

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I wonder if they know they are just going to fall into a trap? This group has already taken a lot of damage thanks to Sony's attacks on them.

It's great to think that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are all on the same team.

Well it's not so great if they are all on the same team for a bad bill.

As a person who owns his own site, I completely agree the bill sucks.

But I'm not going to stand here and say that Anonymous is right in the shit they pull. It's amazing they can "accomplish" these feats, but they do not speak for me. They never will.

To be fair though anyone could say they are Anonymous and make a retarded video like that. I'm not sure if that is actually the Anonymous group.

I'm all for protecting freedom of speech, but everytime something gets hacked. The service or product goes down. Or my personal information gets taken. I'm tired of this crap. Me losing the ability to play games online (that I paid for the game system, the game and whatever else I need) pisses me off. But that isn't even the worst part of it. Other websites going down. What would happen if Anon "attacks" VGChartz?

Granted it has its problems, but VGChartz could go offline for a month. What would you do then?

Welcome to what SOPA can enable.  The government can use SOPA to shut down VGChartz indefinitely, or other sites that somehow end up with illegal material on it.  Someone posts a number of links on YouTube on here that were in violation of copyright, government shuts it down.  Also, it will end up killing off possibilities of new projects getting launched and generating commerce.

Look at the full picture and see what is going on here.  There are reasons for concern.