Wii U Meant for Consumers with Higher Disposable Income, Says Nintendo

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Could be a strategy on Nintendo's part making people think it's closer to $600 and then pricing it at $300 - $350 so that all of a sudden it doesn't sound so bad... I don't know. It's still fairly expensive to me though.

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300-350 seems more reasonable if their going up against the PS3/Xbox360, cant say for sure how powerful it is to actually outmatch the current HD systems (how powerful they want and to price from that I mean ;x).

But if they were to create a system that would match the ps3/xbox360 but being like 10-15% better, I would say 300-350.

But 500-600 dollars range? What is this, PS3 2006 all over again O__O?


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One of the key areas I think people are forgetting about is software. If what we are hearing is true then Nintendo has focused all their efforts on the WiiU and ignored the Wii which hopefully means a massive software lineup at launch. The 3DS didn't start selling well until Nintendo released their Mario games and I foresee that an excellent software lineup at launch would make a high price tag more reasonable.

That being said I don't see the WiiU's price going above $400 and even then my guest would be at $350. The WiiU is going to be more expensive than the Wii of that there is no doubt however they have had enough experience with the 3DS and saw what happened to the PS3 to know not to price there system too high.

I expect the PS4/Wii U/Xbox^3 to all launch at a $399.99 price tag.

With the Wii U launching in Q4 2012 (estimate), it will naturally have the weakest hardware compared to the PS4 and Xbox^3 launching in Q1/Q2 2014 (estimate).

Additionally, Nintendo will probably sell its hardware at a $50 profit per unit (cost reduced by using slightly less powerful hardware). Sony and Microsoft will probably be willing to take as large as a $50 loss per unit. The $100 margin will allow Sony and Microsoft to use better parts (especially if they are launching 14-18 months later).

Though, I think we are getting to a point where hardware advancements aren't going to make as much of a difference in the final game products as advancements in SDK software will. Maybe we will see some big breakthroughs in SDK R&D from the big 3.

Personally, I feel a bit bearish towards the upcoming 8th gen home consoles' game libraries.

I hope they prove my worries wrong, very very wrong. o.O

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Pricing, pricing. The Wii's momentum in terms of games is clearly dying after the last major launch - Skyward Sword. It's sales are far from dying currently as it's the holiday season, but look what happened to those figures before the holidays, it's spluttering dead. I don't really suppose that the Wii will continue lasting hand-in-hand as though Wii U becomes the real 3rd pillar for the company (like when Ninty wanted the Wii, GBA and the DS to go hand in hand). The future lineup's almost non-existent for the Wii, plus its Virtual Console's plain dead. Where's the momentum to keep the console in existence in the future, even?

Even if Nintendo insists that the Wii will be of a different league than the Wii U, most consumers will continue to view Wii U as the successor to the Wii. And I doubt that many will want to buy "outdated" machines like the Wii when the U's already on the market.

If Nintendo tries to pull a stupid trick off by introducing a steep pricing when Wii U comes out, I can guarantee that Nintendo's screwed big time. Even if consumers don't react as much, its investors probably would, after getting reminded of the 3DS.

What's more, the tablety controller seemed to seal the deal for Nintendo to actually do so.

It all comes down to pricing for the Wii U.

The Wii seems to be increasingly unviable to continue flourishing as it did back then (come on, 90+ million is actually rather market-saturating, just like the PS2 back then), and the Wii U will die if its pricing is deemed outrageous.

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Did they not learn from Sony?.....I guess PS4 is Sony regaining dominance

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Where are people getting this +$500 ideas?

From what I could tell is that we shouldn't expect a $250 console like the Wii.

I'm expecting $300-350, $400 being the absolute max.

Nintendo will make WiiU available at $401 or higher. It will between $250 and $400. They say it won't struggle like 3DS. In fact this is a console so it will be higher. All Nintendo handhelds were less than $250 or to say $200 is why they sell a lot. Wii U can be $350 from start and $400 with a Game Bundled. Wii Buyers today this Holiday are paying $100 for it. It will be different. Only people who BODY IS NOT READY WILL NOT BUY IT. LOL

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Well, the Wii is currently fairly cheap, why is it surprising that the Wii U won't be this cheap? I am not sure where this 600$ number comes from, but isn't that 4-6 times more than the Wii? I don't think Fils Aime said anything along the lines of it being 4-6 times more than the Wii.

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All this Wii is dying talk, yet PS3 is at the bottom of the home console hardware chart and PSP is at the bottom of the charts period. How come I never see "Sony is dying" anywhere?