What if i said Final Fantasy X-2 was my favorite game of all time?

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1.) 300 Hours of gameplay to get 100% and Perfect Ending for the ABOVE average player...

2.) Several Different senario's for the game to play out depending on your actions throughout the story (on of the first of its kind)

3.) New Game Plus, which you had to play if you wanted the coveted perfect Ending, was AMAZINGLY well done!

4.) Best RPG battle System....BAR NONE, it was the template that XIII used for its Battle System

4.) 1000 Words...Amazing.

5.) Even after 300 Hours of gameplay, 100% completion and the perfect ending...there was STILL the 100 level dungeon that got progressively harder and had several story lines within it...and Trema. O.O

What turned people away was the first 40 minutes of the story, being all pop concerty and all that jazz, which is a shame - such an amazing game.


Moral of this story... I want a X-2 HD remake like X is getting!



...uhh...ill just put my favorite quote of all time here.

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I would question your sanity and your ability to reason.
I spent 57 hours and got the 100% ending...not sure where your 300 hour estimation is coming from. Compare X-2 to X and the game is not on the same level. The soundtrack had a few hits but NOTHING compares to X's (People of the north pole, back to Zanarkand).
I am glad you liked the game (I did as well) but it is not the best final fantasy, or best game of all time.

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Ssliasil said:

Moral of this story... I want a X-2 HD remake like X is getting!



Amen brother.

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the game was too girly for my taste so I only played through it once (47% completion) - the battle system was quite good, but maybe a bit too fast for me (even in the slower mode)

I would respect your opinion, but ask if you've played any other RPGs. Then I might laugh, then cry, they maybe recommend you some of my favourite RPGs (FFVI, Skies of Arcadia, Xenoblade Chronicles, Chrono Trigger, Pokemon Black/White, Ogre Battle 64, Tales of Symphonia, DQV, etc).

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I didnt liked the story at all personally.

Id say i dont care.

I enjoyed it more than FFXIII. Must admit that i only picked it up because I was collecting all FF games and because I enjoyed FFX. I am not sure I finished it for 100% but I got the special ending and I liked the girls in their berserker costume rawwwr..