Is anyone else scared that all this boasting of sorcery will put of potential customers??

Forums - Sony Discussion - Is anyone else scared that all this boasting of sorcery will put of potential customers??

Hey there, now I am not a ninty fan in any shape or form, however no-one can deny that so far zelda skyward sword seems to have everything in spades, like variety, good motion controls, plenty of puzzle solving, good story and immersive world.

Whilst I admit sorcery does look impressive on the motion control side, it does look heavily action orientated, and yes you can combine xmillion spells together (over-exageration),and the graphics are amazing compared to zelda, however you can do lots of different things in zelda not just fire magic, I am hoping that sorcery has a lot more to it than just action, infact I want sony to throw some puzzles in there as well just to mix things up abit, and make sure it has a decent story.

With all this recent boasting of how sorcery is better than zelda, I would like to however say one thing, is that potentially they will put off customers from coming to ps3 and trying out sorcery, why not just let the game do all the talking once it comes out, do you really have to drag down a great game just to get attention, no you dont!

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I agree


lol I haven't heard anyone say that sorcery is better than zelda

I'm not sure you can compare the two titles. They are supposedly pretty different.

Regarding your other point, they have said that Sorcery does have puzzles. I'm very much looking forward to playing it.. Once I get a new PS3.. and the game ofcourse :P

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I haven't heard anyone boast that Sorcery is better than Zelda. So far all we have is a trailer so we don't know what it has to offer, it could be the best game ever or the worst. let's not start crowning it the best of times or the worst of times.

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Haven't heard anyone compare Sorcery and Zelda.


I can't actually comprehend this thread, or are you just trying to annoy Zelda fans ...


you're right. while i'm not the biggest ninty fan these days(or on this site for that matter), all this boasting doesn't help much.

i'd like to see a focus on character class like in Dark Souls where if you want to do use a sword you can, and what nots.

i'm sure there will be puzzle solving involved using magic. it would make sense otherwise/not to have them.

can you link us to the boasting, by someone that has had hands-on, that its better than zelda...

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I don't remember any boasting, and I lurk in every SONY and Gaming Discussion thread. As for everything else you said, I don't know. it's already confirmed that Sorcery will be a short game (6 hours or something around that mark). I'm pretty sure when it was announced, it was announced to be a PSN title as well. I doubt SONY's aiming for a Zelda like game.

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