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1.Major letdown:AC:Revelation
2.Most Joyous:Skyrim/MW3/GoW3/Portal 2
3.Most played: MW3
3.Best graphics: Crysis 2
4.Game of the year: Portal 2
5.Console of the year: 3DS = X360
5.[insert] is doomed: Wii
6.Developer of the year: Epic
7.Most anticipated for 2012: X720 reveal, halo4, WiiU,Sony PR :)

RATE 2011: 8/10 - Best yet for this gen, competition was tight and general quality of games released was above average.

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1.Major letdown: Nothing for me everything was great
2.Most Joyous:Skyward Sword, Uncharted 3, Assassins Creed Rev, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD version Dark Souls
3.Most played: Monster Hunter HD ver.
3.Best graphics: Uncharted 3
4.Game of the year: Skyward Sword
5.Console of the year: PS3
5.[insert] is doomed: Nothing Doomed
6.Developer of the year: Naughty Dog
7.Most anticipated for 2012: Vita hands down

10/10 for this year.


Most Played: LittleBigPlanet 2
Most Anticipated: 3DS
Biggest Letdown: 3DS Launch window, PS Move Heroes
Most heartbreaking Delay: Twisted Metal
Best Graphics: Uncharted 3
{{PSP}} is doomed
Developer of the year: Tie between Naughty Dog, EAD3, and Bethesda
Console of the year: PS3
Best game nobody played: Shadows of the Damned
Game of the Year: Portal
2nd Game of the Year: Skyrim

Most hyped for 2012: Vita, Wii U, Retro's new game, Twisted Metal, Starhawk.

January: Donkey Kong Country Returns. Try to finish it, Wii breaks down. Play Soul Silver, remember why i dropped Soul Silver. Get Wii back, finish Donkey Kong Country Returns, play Lost Winds: Winter of the Melodias, enjoy it, play ExciteBike World Rally, hate it.
February: Replay Fire Emblem, Radiant Dawn. Somehow got Jill to be the number-one in kill-rate.
March: Buy Pokemon White, start playing. Buy 3DS with Pilotwings Resort
April: Beat Pilotwings Resort (three stars all missions) and continue Pokemon White. Buy Conduit 2
May: Beat Conduit 2, continue Pokemon White and eventually beat it. Final team: Emboar, Krookodile, Swanna, Zekrom, Celebi, Weavile. Veritably curb-stomp the real Elite IV and Cynthia.
June: Replay No More Heroes 2 and Sonic Adventure 2, buy Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D
July: Beat OoT3D Normal mode, buy Link's Awakening on E-shop and beat it, start OoT3D Master Quest
August: Finish OoT3D Master Quest. Start replaying Metroid: Other M, Wii breaks down for the second time, this time worse. Play N64 games and buy Okamiden until Wii gets back, but continue Okamiden.
September: Finish Okamiden, finish replay of Other M, rebuild of Smash Bros Brawl file that was lost when my Wii was replaced (no other file was lost).
October: Replay Zelda: Wind Waker. Buy Kirby's Dreamland (e-shop) and beat it in under an hour. Buy Kirby Returns to Dreamland
November: Finish Kirby Returns to Dreamland. Replay some old Mario games. Buy Super Mario 3D Land, get 90% done. Buy Zelda: Skyward Sword
December: Finish Skyward Sword (almost done with it). Receive Mario Kart 7 for Christmas.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

I will say that the Wii is not doomed. You could technically say that about all systems eventually. Yes eventually the wii will be doomed as well.

I was very impressed with Zelda Skyward Sword.

Gear of War 3 was my fav. Non Nintendo game.

PSP is doomed.

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My good friend radiantsh---uh ya got me into Starcraft 2 and that pretty much changed things for me quite a bit, I'm still a console gamer, but sc2 truly is AMAZING.


Playing Ace Attorney Series, I adored them.
Massive hate for Nintendo after looking at Q2 line-up.
Troll Skyward Sword.

Playing Ghost Trick, a really great surprise.
Playing Okamiden, pretty good.
Playing DK Country Returns, could be my favorite platformer ever.
Playing Pikmin 2, my favorite RTS ever.
Dissapointing E3.
Massive hate for NoA for not brining Xenoblade or The Last Story.
Troll Skyward Sword.

Playing Portal for PC, adored it.
A sudden hype for Skyward Sword.

Playing Layton and the Last Specter, GOTY 2011 so far.
Playing Chaos Rings Omega, actually, a great RPG.
Playing Skyward Sword, only 2-3 hours, exams got in the way.
My sister got a 3DS with crap games.

B+ (DS was actually the best platform this year)

1.Major letdown: skyrim not because is a bad game but because of that lame horrible broken port
2.Most Joyous:wtf does that mean lol
3.Most played: mass effect 2
3.Best graphics: mass effect 2
4.Game of the year: mass effect 2
5.Console of the year: ps3
5.[insert] is doomed: Wii
6.Developer of the year: bioware
7.Most anticipated for 2012: mass effet 3

RATE 2011: 8/10 - mass effect and dragon age in one year, could be a perfect 10 but sadly i start playing skyrim and is only frustations

perfect start but ended so fucking bad


If you listen to reviews and fanboys everything is so great. If you're not blind you'll see that 2011 was full of mediocrity. The best games were just good with glaring flaws that held them back.




Major Letdown: Skyrim: don't get me wrong, it a great game, but the bugs are killing it from me...
Most Joyous: Deus Ex: Human Revolution: I bought this game on a whim and absolutely love it(a GOTY candidate)
Most Played: Mass Effect 2/Uncharted 3
Best Graphics: Uncharted 3
Game of the Year: 1.)Uncharted 3/2.) Deus Ex: HR/ 3.)Dead Space 2/ 4.) LBP2
Console of the year: PS3
[insert] is doomed: 360(would've said wii but xenoblade saved it :)
Developer of the year: NAUGHTY DOG
Most anticipated: Halo 4, Xenoblade, Tales of Graces F The Last of Us(hopefully it comes out next year) PSV