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Anyone up for Mario Kart Wii Tournaments?

Yes. 16 59.26%
No. 8 29.63%

Tournament reminder. Also, I need a new host for the tournament. Anyone want it?

I most probably will disconnect but I will still try to play.

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Eh, is anybody still playing online???

We should start this again lol

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radishhead said:
We should start this again lol

I'm down but Hackles 3DS is broke right now.  So perhaps when he is ready to go again.  I always messed up on the time.  It was either 2 or 3 pm central time (USA) that we were supposed to meet up at.  I always wanted to join in more but it seemed like I was either busy doing something during the time.  I believe Sasso made another group for us to play on.  Been neglecting my 3DS a little since Wii U.

We can start it up again, sure.

But I don't know how we'll get players again.

ALSO I got a new router and modem so it may work. I told D21 but my 3DS battery burst and because I have a Wii U and other consoles to play, I haven't really cared much for the 3DS. BUT I have recently discovered that I can play my 3DS as long as I can keep it in charge. It's not really good for gaming though as I have a really short USB DSi charger as my charger. It's the only reason I don't play it...

You lot can make a separate tournament if you guys want.

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Are people playing tonight?

Rainbow Yoshi said:
Are people playing tonight?

This is not how we do things anymore. Tbone is the new boss around here with 3DS tourney's. Check hot topics and look for the 600 post thread. It starts in 3 hours supposedly.

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