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"Kaz Hirai, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment stated that there are plans to combat the Wii through the PS2."


How is the ps2 gonna beat Wii when the ps3 cant?

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This is the same strategy some people claimed Sony should attempt when the Wii came out, sometimes claiming that the eyetoy or wiimote-like add on would be key.

At this point I'd say its too late; The Wii is established and the PS2 is in its death bed. Had it been tried a year ago it may have done some damage.

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Whatever happened to those Realplay games anyway? Were they ever released? Died in obscurity?

Either way, PS2 simply isn't going to compete with the Wii...

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Sony should accept that they can't survive on the PS2 alone. They need to focus all their efforts on making the PS3 a worthy competitor for the Wii.

The PS2 has no chance against the Wii on any field.

I agree they should be funding the ps3 not ps2....

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Or how about the PSP? The games just cost slightly more to develop than the PS2, and the system could use the software sales from casuals, since they like to game, not to pirate.

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Sony still makes money off the ps2 so supporting it isn't a bad idea, but to think they can use it to fight the wii is just going to cost them money in the long run.

It's as if they are blaming their lack of success on the Wii and having to pull out the PS2 to combat it. A bunch of sleight-of-hand to try and make the bad sales of the PS3 go away.

I would love to see some realplay sales charts.

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Just a way to milk money out of the existing platform. Any good company will do it. Especially when they need money to fund the expected PS3 loses until 2009.

All the power to them. They are just like any other company.