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It's too bad so few people played Beyond Good & Evil. It's easily one of the best games released last generation. The only real problem with it is it was short (around 12 hours), but that's practically double the current PS3 and 360 standard so I guess that's not even a complaint anymore.

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Man, conker's bad fur day had one of the best endings. It's goofy through the whole thing, then at the end just gets dark and depressing. In the beginning conker is just a poor sod that likes to have a drink, and hang out with his girlfriend, then Conker spends the whole game trying to get rich, running across weird character after weird character, dollar signs in his eyes, doing one terrible deed after another in the name of money and then (spoilers....) at the end, his
girlfriend gets shot to death, he kills the panther king and takes his throne has all the money in the world, can get anything he wants but all he wants is to have his girlfriend back, and to go home and have a beer. When he's sitting on the throne surrounded by people he hates, and the camera is zooming in slowly slowly on him as he talks about how you never know what it is you have until it's gone...then with the camera right up in his face, his head down he just looks up at the camera...gone...man, it just sends chills up my spine everytime.

hell, here's the actual ending.

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