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Well Letterman has made an independent deal, and so has Tom Cruise's production company, and allegedly 1 or 2 other movie studios are close to a deal as well, so maybe this will be resolved sooner than later.

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flagship said:
I really don't watch much TV so the main difference I've noticed is that people rarely talk about this weeks shows at work anymore, sports and movies have become an even bigger focus, which honestly is a nice change of pace.

 They talk about movies?  Really?  There's been, what, two good movies this year?  I suppose it is a fairly good year for the movies.

maybe they should get back to work? o.0

I didn't even notice a change, some shows i like Monk, Psych, SG:A, American Gladiators and a bunch more are showing new episodes so no biggie.

Well the Daily show had a professor of labour relations on as his guest. Infact he - and it would seem Colbert right now - are spending a lot of time dealing with the strike. They seem quite supportive of the writers.

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I've been downloading and watching Boston Legal. Four whole seasons that I hadn't watched. Now I am almost done. Maybe I'll watch Arrested Development again for a while.

I barely notice the writer's strike at all. I barely ever watch television and when I do it's usually Australian tv which is not effected.

Although, of course, in Australia it's currently the silly season (ratings are suspended and tv networks put on crap shows), so there's nothing to watch for an entirely different reason.

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Video games, anime, and movies. I never watched that much regular TV anyway.

For me movies *Resident Evil Extinction, for games * Links Crossbow Trainning.
As for more things that 've been doing to keep myself from being bored well I been on this site lurking (yet again) and going to Adult Swim witch is afected by this writers strike as well.