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I'm hearing some love for the Creative Zen. I've been looking at it and it looks pretty nice and from what I've read the sound quality is pretty good too. I'm in the market for a new MP3 player as well (my old one is 4G iPod Mini) and I'm definitely leaning towards the Zen, my number one reason being the built in the radio which the iPods strangely lack.

Also, if you're going to be using you MP3 at the gym then don't go with the PSP. That would just be silly taking that huge thing there while working out.

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Ive got a Creative Zen: Vision M and it plays audio (duno bt lasts ages lol) and video (4-5hrs).

It supports many different video formats and if it doesnt you can just use the program called iriverter and it will convert it exactly to the the format, res and bitrate needed. I use it all the time to direct rip from DVDs it a good little software.

You can get it in 30gb and 60gb.

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I always have had ipod, and it works fine to me...maybe next upgrade I will look for other...

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iPod is, officially, the best portable media player. It is, by far, more popular, nicer, and more powerful, than anything else. What's the best iPod? The iPhone. You can't beat the iPhone. It's a phone, and an iPod, in one. Get the 8 GB version, and you're set! It's the most popular phone out there.