What's the best portable media player?

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Creative Zen. No questions asked.

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The Sansa View is IMO a very good media player.

PSP if you are willing to go through the trouble of hacking the firmware. If not, Creative Zen is a good (much more expensive) option.

Ipod :)

Who would pick PSP? I used to use my PSP as an MP3 player and it's not cool having a big chunky games console in my pocket just to listen to music.

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Get the ipod touch, they're pretty sweet.

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As much as I hate Apple (random not real reasons), I love my iPod and I can't imagine life without it. I use it at the gym for music when I'm doing weights and video when I'm doing cardio, it goes with me to work, and I got a hookup for it for my car. There are of course things I despise about iTunes but there are things I despise about every media device.

iPods are also fairly durable in that I've dropped mine many many times all sorts of hard surfaces and other than being slightly scuffed up it's fine.  Though like any media device like that, I would definately  advise getting the warrantly and conveniently destroying your device  slightly before the warranty is up.

iPod. Works great and very durable (I have dropped mine quite a few times on hard surfaces)

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im a huge apple fan, and use an iphone and macbook

but when it comes for films. Creative Zen Vision is just brilliant

iPods are popular for a reason, but for video support, I think you'll like Zens the best. I thought I heard Zunes weren't bad, plus their screen is pretty big.

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