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I remember, that by chance, I found this site by searching "sales of games" and VGChartz cropped up. I wanted to contribute and made my first post "Metroid: Other M, followed by Super Mario Galaxy 2" in a thread about the upcoming Nintendo games of the time. After that post I didn't return for a while until after I returned a 2nd time a certain killeryoshis convinced to stay here. Later on morenoingrato gave me an opportunity to host his thread about the "Biggest Nintendo Gamers" after he managed to rig the last one in his favour. In the end I intergrated into VGChartz and posted tonnes of things (I managed 23 posts in one day somehow), these days I'm not as frequent poster and only come here when I really want to.

Around the Network is the reason......still ashamed about that..

Fuck Dsister and Zex.

I wanted to know how well BK:N&B sold

I searched for ''PS3 console sales'' on google 3 years ago.

when this gen was about the start i used started looking up for sales,visited a few times but this site back then looked very cheap

then came back again and joined in 2008 when console wars were heating up

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I don't remember it that well XP

I think I was just browsing the internet and got curious about console sales, looked around and liked what I saw :)

I lurked for a looong time before finally signing up (I'd never been a member of a forum before :p)



Google searching Wii sales. Lurked for awhile. Fell into like with the community, so I joined after a few months.

Just absentmindedly clicked on a link in another redundant "WoW is dead, long live *insert upcoming MMO*" thread on the WoW forums. I had no intention of browsing the site for over thirty seconds, but Smeags' Top 50 thread looked quasi-interesting, so I stuck around.

I wanted to see what the best selling games were on PS3, so I Googled it and found VGC.

Then I also discovered the forums. What urged me to sign up then was I saw some idiot posting, can't exactly remember what it was about, but I decided to sign up to troll him and have a go at him, when I came back for more I found out I was banned.