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PlayXBLA Exclusive: Sine Mora!

We just can’t stop having awesome games get announced for Xbox LIVE Arcade this week!

Microsoft Studios is proud to announce that Sine Mora is coming exclusively to XBLA!

Click Read More to get all the details on this gorgeous shoot-em-up, plus some awesome new screens and a trailer!


Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. and Digital Reality have teamed up to create a stunning Shmup, and we’re not just talking about the beautiful graphics. Obviously, you’ll be delighted by the diesel-punk look-and-feel, but the team has gone further, refreshing the whole Shmup genre with an innovative time-manipulation mechanic.

There are more than 60 combinations of planes, characters and time-manipulation devices to complete each beautifully-crafted stage, as well as a scaling difficulty function.

To us though, the feature that transforms Sine Mora from video game to video game masterpiece is the beautiful score written by Akira Yamaoka, acclaimed for his works on the Silent Hill series. The Microsoft Studios team couldn’t be more excited for this title and we know you will be too after checking out the fantastic screenshots and trailer below. Check back often for breaking news, screens and much more!

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This looks quite nice, it can consider itself bought.

Definitely interested, A good grab for Microsoft.

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sounds interesting!


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

Of course. PSN isn't allowed to have any shmups, ever.