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Let's try to get the exchange rate if we can. For the Wii it is exactly 1-8 the coins to points conversion but the handheld is lower at 1-6 for thre 3D Classic and even lower for the Minis March DSiWare at 1-5.3 . Meanwhile in Europe we've had a similar reward of converting our stars into points witha 4-1 rate.

Since the comparison can only be done in the Wii. I think America gets 50 coins each Wii game and Europe gets 250 stars which gives a total conversion of 400 and 62.5 wii points per game respectively.

I guess the difference is having an option with what you can buy while the American counterpart is limited to the titles they offer. Nevertheless the new American rewards are really cheap, congrats guys, a few years late but worth the wait. Get Fluidity if you haven't yet - it's awesome!

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About time. Most of the rewards I don't care about. The only thing I got from the store so far is the Game and Watch Collection. Downloadable games will be a welcome addition.

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Whoa! When is it being updated? I checked it yesterday, and it's the same as ever.

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The site is finally back up. I cannot wait to get Fluidity and 3D Classics: Xevious. And of COURSE the Zelda poster set :3