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Global Hardware

Console Weekly (change) Total
3DS 934,998 (-3%) 9,791,613
X360 695,556 (-42%) 60,628,311
Wii 616,747 (-34%) 91,566,980
PS3 596,659 (-15%) 57,385,572
DS 330,360 (-22%) 150,100,611
PSP 202,633 (-13%) 71,776,593
Total 3,376,953(-24%)  

Weekly Hardware Chart 03rd December 2011

Platform Americas Europe AP/MEA Global
377,459 275,240 282,299 934,998
483,300 186,401 25,855 695,556
297,811 242,754 76,182 616,747
233,049 259,238 104,372 596,659
185,029 116,903 28,428 330,360
60,095 71,333 71,205 202,633



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And Just Dance 3 seems to be the breakout Wii hit of the year!

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Shame this site doesnt track digital sales.

Is Fable III measured as a retail only or is it also measured as a pack-in?

If measured as a pack-in with the Holiday Bundle, I would have thought the sales of that game much higher since Microsoft was running Cyber Monday deals with it included in the bundle.

Dear me Zelda :(


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Holy shit at 3D Land! It's doing 200k+ every week. Bad Zelda sales. Hopefully this will teach Nintendo to ship the game with a Motion+ inside for free.

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Seems like Zelda is selling better than Wii Twilight Princess to me. Doom merchant fail.


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Mario is on a rise again.

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Is that a bad drop for Zelda? Its better than TP but I think thats an unfair comparison as the Wii was a new console at the time.

You know Kinect is selling well when Kinect Adventures! is #1 on the software chart.
MW3 continues to show is sexy legs on both platforms.
Just Dance 3 Wii is a holiday monster.