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PullusPardus said:
theprof00 said:
PullusPardus said:
jeez, everyone jumped on me, when all i said was why does the water look like that?
can't a guy make a small criticism about a console exclusive over here? =/ , its like i insulted someone's dignity.
anyways, i had it with this site, i don't even know why i'm here any more seriously.

That's the thing, what you said wasn't a criticism.

It was a fundamental misunderstanding about how water looks in a shallow puddle.

People aren't mocking you because you criticized a console's exclusive. They're mocking you because it's like you've never seen a puddle before.

a puddle makes a car drown? , look at the farthest car, its drowned, and there is a bus next to it that is drowned.

if thats called a puddle then i want to see your oceans

why did this water discussion ever have to take so much heat...guys its just water...I recommend leaving it and considering the other aspects !!

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PullusPardus said:
what the fuck don't you guys accept other people's opinion ? =s
it looked like a flat ground texture, ND did a better job with water in U3...

So let's assume this time they are doing a better job with something else, say facial expression or something else. Geez...

And good read:


ethomaz said:

More concept art?? O_O


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CGI-Quality said:

More concept art?? O_O

Yeap.. @M.U.G.E.N created a new thead about: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=137810