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morenoingrato said:

All those sentences hardly make any sense.

NSMB is my favourite DS game, SMG my second favourite Wii game; it makes perfect sense that this is my most wanted 3DS game!

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I haven't posted in a long time, but reading all these people talk about EASY when I just spent the last hour trying to beat the FINAL FINAL level for my 5th star....yeah. This game must be using one of Evil Kenivel's old ramps for it's difficulty curve.

One of the best portable experiences I've had in looong time.


cannot wait to open my 3ds and play this...

i have consumed the box and manual with my eyes!!!


played it yesterday and I have to say I was very impressed! It really looks amazing!

It really feels like a 2d Mario game, like a natural evolution of those games. It feels very fresh and even if I complain about games being very easy I think this one is so good that it doesn't matter too much. I only played the first world but it was very fun, probably I'm having more fun than with the Galaxy games and NSMB Wii. Maybe I'm exaggerating but I was really impressed, better than expected.

Only thing is, Nintendo said the 3D would help to give more sense of depth and will be easier to hit blocks or stuff like that.... I'm not really sure about that, I think is almost the same, at least for me. Anyway it looks really good in 3D.

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