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How much of an impact is OWS having?

Can't hear them over the sound of my Ferrari 60 24.10%
Just a news story, no visible results 82 32.93%
Helping change minds, it's a start 68 27.31%
Change is on the horizon, just you wait 27 10.84%
I feel the impact already 6 2.41%
Can't hear them over the... 6 2.41%
Jexy said:
Kasz216 said:

Oh yeah, if your a responsible investor, credit unions are by far the way to go.

It's just worth noting credit unions do have their downsides,

Yeah, but to me, their downsides are for people who are irresponsible with money anyway, so it doesn't affect me.  I've never had debt in my life, and always pay everything in full and on time.  But most people don't.

I agree, i just find it worth noting because, like you said, a lot of people aren't like that... and a lot of those people are likely the same people mad at the banks and considering a switch.

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simply if your a douchebag who does pay bills because your a douchebag, the banks or credit unions will treat you in a not so nice way.

Occupy Wall Street is made up of a bunch of spoiled upper-middle class kids who have been sheltered from the realities of the world by their parents and, as they're trying to finally step out of the sheltered existence provided by their parents, they’re outraged that the life they were promised has not materialized and are acting out with incoherent rage. While their rage is occasionally focused on serious issues within the economy (like crony capitalism), their inconsistent, irrational and (often) highly hypocritical stances tends to drown out any valid points they have; and their repeated bad behaviour that includes theft, sexual assault, assault against the police, murder, doing drugs and so on only makes their message that much more difficult to hear.

yeah frankly the protestors that appear in the news are of the most strangest and weirdest variety.

I remember they interviewed this like 22 year old Law student and he had the most fake British accent and he was sooo condescending and elitist, I was like "who watching this would empathize with such people?"

Plus the arguments for the camps are terrible...
"Oh they now house the homeless and getting rid of camps would force the homeless away"

So city parks should become homeless shelters?

lordmandeep said:
yeah frankly the protestors that appear in the news are of the most strangest and weirdest variety.

I remember they interviewed this like 22 year old Law student and he had the most fake British accent and he was sooo condescending and elitist, I was like "who watching this would empathize with such people?"

Plus the arguments for the camps are terrible...
"Oh they now house the homeless and getting rid of camps would force the homeless away"

So city parks should become homeless shelters?

Although, keep in mind, that the news isn't going to interview rational people with a moderate view of the protest.  Crazy people bring in the viewers because entertaining people pays the bills.  Not everyone at these rallies is like that.... but the fact that those are the ones speaking for them, just makes their voices less impactful.


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That is why I think the OWS as a whole is quite really stupid as they are really hurting the movement through thier own nonsensical actions.


The whole no leadership model means no one is giving out a clear message and therefore it is idiots who speak for them. Also the whole model is simply too absract and radical to most people so it makes the group seem radical or as a bunch of anarchists.

They do not like the media, and therefore do not communicate with them and frankly people on twitter and facebook who pay attention to OWS are usually people who will support such things not normal people.

Frankly do not blame the media, for they do what they do.

With no leader and no leader, no goals or message,  the media can only speculate. The movement has brought up the income issue and that is noteworthy but the civil rights movement this is not.

When I mean leaders, I am not saying its a one man show but there are not even key figures.

I dunno, I think the media has been more then fair with OWS.

Afterall they're all reporting about the outrage of students sitting down being peppersprayed.

And ignoring the fact they were pepper sprayed because they were sitting down SURROUNDING the police, who were trying to leave the area with people who were arrested.

You have prisoners, people are in your way and refuse to move... what's the other option there?

You could call for backup, to arrest them, maaaaaybe, but then you risk someone getting violent before then, while surrounded. Or even worse a larger crowd building around it AND then it getting violent, while fostering a belief that the police can't... well police.

true but the past 10-15+ days the media focus has been mostly on should they leave or should they go. In the US, the OWS actually protest but here in Canada its all about the camp situation in the media.

There is much injustice in America. We have a white supremacist hegemony that exercises power over the masses. But in any society there exists a hegemony. The problem with American society is that our hegemony is oppressive. It divides the masses, dominates and then exploits them. The only way for Americans to fight back is for the working class (the lower class and middle class combined) to unite and work toward common goals that are mutually beneficial for the majority of society. This can be done through boycotts, strikes and any other means that effect labor and consumerism, allowing the working class to hold sway over the market, and force the corporate capitalists to capitulate to their demands.

This is what happened during the Civil Rights movement of the 60's. Unfortunately, the social inequity of our nation was not fully addressed at the time. The legislation and bills granted equal rights but the white supremacist hegemony did not relinquish its grasp on the the money and power. Due to the economic disparity created by colonialism and slavery the whites have always held control in this country and do so to today. Some people may think I am being inflammatory in claiming the hegemony is 'white' but it is. This is because they impose a dominant culture that is based on white Eurocentric values. The aim is assimilation, the idea that America is a 'melting pot.' But this approach to multiculturalism is racist and oppressive because it disregards the identities of minorities, their language and culture, and moreover, stifles a truly democratic society. Cultures should exist side by side. They should cooperate with one another so they can decide what is best for everyone. However, in our nation all the major institutions favor an elite class of Euro-Americans made up of corporate capitalists, American conservatives and other political figures who support big business--the aforementioned white supremacist hegemony.

It is quite sad how our country is today.The key to anything is unity. But American values imposed by the hegemony are against unity in how they promote individuality. At the same time the hegemony works toward assimilation. Their agenda undermines our national identity by creating a situation where in being individuals we also prescribe to the dominant culture which goes against diversity. Racism, classism, and social indifference are the inherent product of this contradiction.

To justify their position the hegemony perpetuates the "American lie", the idea that anyone with a good education and personal initiative can rise above their position to get "a piece of the good life". But this is far from the truth. Oppression (and racism as a part of it) is institutionalized and systemic in society and makes it nearly impossible for a large and growing percentage of our population to achieve social mobility. With the wealth gap widening and the middle class shrinking, people are finally wising up to the fact, and they are directing their anger toward Washington and big business. But this accomplishes very little. They have to strike at the heart of capitalism. They have to impact the market. And they have to do it for the right reasons. We need social reform that is mutually agreeable and environmentally responsible. It will not uproot the capitalist machine that is the main source of inequity in our nation, but it will lead to concessions that can improve the lives of everyone. If we fail to fight, a large number of the oppressed will continue to exist in a bleak cycle of fatalism, inaction and exploitation. And that is something we as Americans should not stand for.


Consider yourself enlightened.

KichiVerde... so you're saying that it's white people's fault that so many Spanish have come to this country because their own country sucks so bad and this one is so much better... many whom don't speak English, nor have the desire or need to... how would you assimilate them any faster than they already are?  When I grew up, there was 1 spanish channel, then 2, and now, 20 + depending on what package you get.  There are stores that cater specifically to the spanish speaking people of this country... are they being racist against white people?  Or is it just supply and demand and they are making smart business decisions...

Up until a couple decades ago all you had in this country were white and black people for the most part.  I don't see Asians having a problem getting an education in this country and being successful.  And they were put into prison camps here after WWII.  That wasn't that long ago.  And you do realize most slave owners and their decendents are now dirt poor living in the south which is the poorest still in our nation?

And induviduality?  You do realize that is a concept only the West is privy to, and relatively new?   Most of the world does not care about individuality.  It's a concept that is overstated.  America's system is in need of a fix, but when I look around the world... everyplace else is doing worse.  So is it really that bad?  No.  Poor here is not like Poor in Somalia.  Poor here is not like poor in Mexico right next door to us.  Poor here is rich to those places.  And should we really accept other people's culture as a whole for our own?  That's when you have all of these honor killings come about because they don't want to abide by our laws, they would rather women have no rights at all.

But ok, let's say for argument's sake you are TOTALLY right... and what we need to do is strike at the heart of the capitalistic fat cats.  How do we do it?  Who do we boycott and who do we strike against?  And who will feed and shelter those who go on strike?  And where do we get the goods that we were getting from the places we are to boycott?   What kind of social reform do you offer? 

I'm just saying... you come in here talking about your view of what is wrong, and what should be done, but offer up no solutions or pathway to get there.