Sony stock 24 year low. "No turnaround in sight".

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Mr Khan said:

One really has to wonder what the Japanese can do at this point. Hiking the sales tax might help a little, if it raises the amount of money Japanese folks need to spend to facilitate any sort of commerce, encourage spending but stall business domestically. Hmm...

Iwata mentioned in the last shareholder briefing that they are looking at ways to change the component purchasing currency and whatnot. Here's the exact quote:


The Japanese export industry is struggling with that difficulty today. We have been making efforts to decrease the impact of the yen’s appreciation by doing all kinds of things like changing the payments of production costs from Japanese yen to U.S. dollars (for the payment of procurement of components and labor costs). But we can’t do the same for the payment of costs denominated in Japanese yen, to be specific, the payment of parts made in Japan, costs to develop products in Japan and so forth.

Don't know if that explains anything but that's what I've got. That and a post by prof in a similar thread, but it was more a set of ideas rather than concrete plans of actions by a specific manufacturer.

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Gilgamesh said:

Wait 24 year low? Back in May Sony was at a 30 year low, in two months they gained 6 years back! They'll be in the green in no time!

What Kowen said.

And besides; that would be almost impossible.

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