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Marks said:
Laurel Aitken said:
Level1Death said:

What do you call 4 Mexicans in quicksand? Cuatro Cinco

Can anyone explain me this one???????

Cuatro = Spanish (Mexican) word for 4

Cinco = Sounds like a stereotypical Mexican name but its pronounced like sink-o and you sink in quicksand. 


That's about as best I can explain it. 

Oh... yeah, I'm Mexican, so, I found it dumb that I couldn't figure out a joke about us.

Anyway... I think I won't be making more jokes. I'm sorry if anyone felt insulted by my jokes. Maybe best thing will be to close this thread...

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I apologize for offending however the title of the thread was.


Not the racist but somewhat okay to the Politically correct crowd joke thread.

I apologize, but I assume the thread was to show really vulgar racists jokes, because frankly they are the most offensive. No other type of joke comes close.

Frankly stuff like

"what do you say to a black guy in a suit, will the defendant please rise" reflects on the stereotype that all blacks are criminals.

However the one with the Black guy blowing his brains out was really over the top.


I apologize if I offended, but wasn't that the whole point?

Huh, if this thread is allowed, then I'm sure that I'll be allowed to post a thread about naked girls/guys by putting it in the NSFW section and clearly marking it in the topic? Like others have said, you can't make your own rules and go against the TOS. I'm surprised this thread hasn't been locked yet. I also wonder what a new member, or a new person who is interested in this site and is visiting will think when they see a thread like this on the main page.

On the contrary, threads like these really show the true colors of some people. That's all I'll say.

Seece said:
Not that this offends me, but you're all breaking the rules, regardless if YOU think it's ok to post this stuff it's highly offensive and I don't know why you think it's acceptable.

I did leave a warning :P

Seece said:

Racial jokes are on par with 'Your moms so fat ______' and fart jokes

Only funny to society's lowest common denominators

Oh, Oh I'm sorry. I didn't know you had such high standards.

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OK for anyone still posting, don't post actual hate and propaganda like someone did at the beginning, that goes beyond a joke.

You wanna hear a joke?

Womens rights.

And I think we've had enough racist jokes and dropped quite a few N-bombs, surely there are other offensive things to joke about?

Seece said:

Racial jokes are on par with 'Your moms so fat ______' and fart jokes

Only funny to society's lowest common denominators

I am an intelligent, educated, social human being that is currently gainfully employed in a knowledge-industry.

And I can tell you unreservedly that fart jokes are hilarious.

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im australian and aussies are harsh on black people so i don't want to particpate