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Reviews have an effect but on many things it does not.

For example reviews for Transformers 3 and Pirates 4 were terrible and yet they both made a billion dollars each globally.

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I think it's sad that users are rating the game that low. I haven't played it yet, but I know that it is a solid game. I would definately pick Battlefield 3 over it, but MW3

Yeah people are just a bunch of haters.

The game sales are massive so that means a lot of the hardcore gamers are buying the game as well. So imo I find it silly and funny how some people pretend its only 12 year old kids buying the game.

I bought MW3, but I like RPG's and really liked U2, so imo this pointless hating is idiotic and stupid.

This made my day.

Very, very unprofessional of him.

Rockstar: Announce Bully 2 already and make gamers proud!

Kojima: Come out with Project S already!

I don't play Modern Warfare and I really don't think too highly of Activision. But come on guys, do you really think it should be ranked below Leisure Suit Larry and Kung Fu Rider?

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yeah its pointless, with such massive opening sales not only will it outsell Black Ops but be one of the biggest non bundled games ever.

I have to agree with Rol on this one. Metacritic does not carry the same weight as a Yahoo! Movies score. More people (including myself) check the critic score and user score (to a much lesser extent) than a site like Rotten Tomatoes.

I don't mean to conflate the two distinct industries for the sake of insulting either. Be it the video game industry being insulted for being compared to the pissant film industry whom everyone waits to see on rental or the film industry who is much more established and more central to cultural life than a bunch of basement dwellers spending their mom's hard earned dollars.

Modern Warfare 3 has gotten it's due in a 90 critic rating. InfinityWard cannot have it all. InfinityWard needs to wake up and realize that it's flagship title is the next Tony Hawk or Guitar Hero. Activision is milking this baby dry because it can and in case those ReSpawn tards get creative control of it. Take all value out of it that Activision can in case it has to hand it over.

Kind of like handing over a live grenade to brain dead ex-friend.