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I think a lot of your criticisms are legitimate, OP, but saying that it isn't a good game is going too far. It's overrated, sure, but it has very polished level design and a nice, distinct style. It's a 9, despite its flaws, I just don't think it belongs on a top ten games of all time list.

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I tried reading through this thread but some of the opinions expressed are soooo off base I couldn't keep a train of though going long enough to respond to the more over the top offenders. I will only say that the Halflife 1 was great. Halflife 2 was great. Episode 1 was pretty good. Episode 2 wasn't all that good. Portal was awesome. I am gonna get me a weighted companion cube thingies. I must have one. My life feels as if there is a huge hole in it since I had to incinerate my companion cube. (sigh) Team Fortress 2 is not nearly as ambitious as it started out to be, but it is still fun. Not as much fun as TFC mind you, but still fun.

Saying Ep2 was worse than Ep1...I don't even know where to begin.

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BenKenobi88 said:
Saying Ep2 was worse than Ep1...I don't even know where to begin.

 i know, he must be insane.

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I really liked Half-Life 2, I just beat it two nights ago. The only thing I didn't like about it was the length, but I have Episode One and Episode Two so I will be beating both of those.

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On console halo is better than half-life2, but that's only because halo was built to be played on the xbox. But when it comes to pc half-life is way better than halo. Seriously though, they are both really good games that offer lots of great things to the players. Half-Life is one of the most populare fps on pcs, while Halo is the most popular fps on consoles.

I think the reason there is such a big debate on this thread is because of the way the OP was worded. Instead of saying "HL2 isn't good", he should have said "I don't like HL2." There's no disagreeing with that statement.

IMO the HL series is one of the best in gaming (being bested by the Zelda series and the MGS series so far).

Half-Life 2 is great and I haven't even finished it yet. I have The Orange Box for the PS3 because I wanted it for 360, but my mother bought a PS3 and bought it for the PS3 because it was multiplatform (makes you hate surprises). There is basically no community on TF2because people don't like buying damn mics. I've heard about 2 people speak. I'm liking Episode 2 more than 1, and Half-Life 2 more than 1.

Oh, and I know what you mean, ssj and Ben. I have Half-Life: Source and I'm enjoying the controls a lot more than a joypad, though it did take about an hour before I memorized the keys. :(

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Half life is the Best FPS ever made

Halo is just a Normal FPS , That xbox fanboys like because it was the only good game out for the xbox..

Halo is great. It doesn't have to be #1 to be great.