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Eh I haven't been very disappointed this year but I guess I will say Dragon Age 2. It took a step back in my eyes, but it was still a good game.

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Time for some different ideas.

Brink - Parkour-infused shooter looked promising, then ended up being poor to mediocre thanks to a hollow campaign and lag-ridden online.

Bulletstorm - This game looked like brainless fun. But it ended up being just brainless.

Crysis 2 - Wasn't this game supposed to be the tits? It wasn't.

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Just games in general.

While there have been some good games this year, I think the overall quality has gone down. I just have not had as much fun this year as usual.

- Killzone 3
- Conduit 2
- Battlefield 3

Dragon Age 2. First was so awesome, then then they dumb it down and the gameplay became shit.

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brendude13 said:
Cirio said:

As much as I hate saying this, so far it has been Uncharted 3.

I'm going to have to agree with this, it was an amazing game, it just didn't blow Uncharted 2 out of the water like I expected it to, it let me down in a lot of ways.

I've got nothing else to list really, haven't played much this year.

i dont see how yall can be disappointed in it.. yeah it didnt blow uncharted 2 out of the way but uncharted 2 won goty and alot of other awards.. its gonna be hard to beat that plus when uncharted 2 had hardly any flaws but minor ones maybe.. i dont understand it. i loved it

Probably Crysis 2 if we are only talking about disappointing games however if we are talking about just gaming in general it would be that ME2 was delayed until next year.

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NotStan said:
Dragon Age II, although I did finish it twice I found it a let down compared to the first one, although some aspects such as combat I've enjoyed more - the same scenery over and over again has totally killed the game for me. All shit goes down in the same basement and cliffside..

I forgot about that game, must have mentally surpressed it :/ I did 2 playthroughs too which only highlighted further how illogical certain turns of events were to get the story back on the same track. That game quickly turned into equal loading / playing time, walk 10 sec, load 10 sec, repeat. The worst part for me: the highlight of the first game, exploring the deep roads, was reduced to one shitty re-used corridor.

Also, it hurts to say this but, Uncharted 3 is a little disappointing. I beat it this afternoon and the whole time I was playing the SP, I was waiting for the big WTF moment/scene that would be on par or exceed the moments from Uncharted 2. Alas, they never really came. I mean it did have some crazy moments, but I was expecting more. Plus, they don't have bonus tweaks, so I completely wasted my time looking for those treasures.

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