who is the most vocal game developer

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who is the most vocal game developer

David Jaffe 13 43.33%
Itagaki 2 6.67%
cliffy b 15 50.00%

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The most vocal game developer is three different people? Good thread.

Of those three I would say Cliffy B. Though I am not sure who is the most vocal in the industry. Since we can't count CEO/Presidents or marketers because they aren't actually developers in most cases. Fact is there are so many vocal game developers and these three are not alone there are so many others who are just as vocal.


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Itagaki doesn't talk
he just wears his sunglasses at night
So he can watch journalists weave and breath their story lines

none of those three.

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Molyneux, probably.

I read alot of gaming news and Press, and David Jaffe has came out more than Cliffy B.

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David Jaffe.

Tie between Cliffy B and David J.

Maybe Jaffe.