PS3 or 360, Which system Should I get these games for?

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Deus Ex: Definitely 360. Much better lighting and vibrant colours
Batman: As far as I can tell, no major differences.
Dark Souls: PS3
Dead Island: PS3 has better graphics but inconsistent framerate, 360 looks worse but has more stable framerate. Take your pick.
Skyrim: Dunno, it's not out yet.
Dragon Age: Same with Dead Island. PC is recommended.
Battlefield 3: PS3 if you have to choose between the two, but I recommend PC more than either of those.

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Batman: Arkham City PS3 = Joker

Dark Souls PS3.

spurgeonryan said:
Jay520 said:
spurgeonryan said:
Rainbow Yoshi said:
All for the PS3 apart from Battlefield 3.

You think he should get BF 3 on the PC then? I heard it had better scores on the PC is why I say that and not the 360.

The thread title says PS3 or X360.

Thanks for setting me straight VgChartz monitor. 

I was advising him that maybe he should try that one if he happens to have a PC, since supposedly it got better reviews. Oh shit! he made this thread so he must.

Unless he came on here in some other way, then never mind.

Thread title says PS3 or 360.

Dues Ex HR : PS3 (those saying 360 dont understand that Edios Montreal developed it for PS3 as lead) while
ES: Skyrim: Would be 360 developed due to Bethesdas development history with xbox (tho it will be a buggy either platform)
Batman: Arkham City : Dont think it matters, but 360.
Dark Souls: PS3: Japanese developer, Former experience on PS3, larger online numbers.
Dead Island: the one with the most friends with it.
Dragon Age: erhh,
Battlefield3: PS3, 360 is having major server troubles at the moment, tho that will be fixed but you get early DLC and other EA-SONY goodies i would say.

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong

On Arkham City, the 360 version has a better framerate and less screentearing, but you don't actually feel a great difference between the two versions, it's more a matter of visual consistency.

EDIT: Sorry, forgot a "don't" xD

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Skyrim uses a similar control setup to Dark Souls, and I hear that 360 owners aren't really comfortable with that.
Ask someone who has that game for the 360 how they feel about it, at least.

Other than that, I don't think it matters much which you choose.

Hmmm i used to get all FPS games on 360 but since the start of this year iv became a trophy whore and now i get all multiplats on PS3 regardless if the 360 version is better

But i herd Dead Island on PS3 had some issues

Dark Souls...hmm, both have frame rate issues, PS3 = alot more people playing BUT alot of them are demons souls veterans that will pwn you. 360 = POSSIBLY less experienced people witch may make it slightly easier for PVP (also could make more difficult for co-op) but idk, dont quote me on this.

Batman - ^ If true probably should go Xbox version

The rest i really wouldn't care, but if your really picky maybe you should go based on what controller you like more OR if you often use Xgamechat

Get them for the system you enjoy playing games on the most.

well it depends whether or not you want me to kick you cans all over the PSN servers! yea i said it now what cha gone do bout it?

ok seriously i think i can help. i won't have any of these games anytime soon so your safe lol.

DeUS eX:Human Revolution: depends on where your friends are. if you like playing with them then i'm sure you have more on live then PSN so i'd go with live if i were you. but it seems to have more fans on PS3.

Batman: Arkham City: well if you bought the original for PS3 cause of the joker then i'd stick with PSN, and it seems to be selling better on PS3.

Dark Souls: its bigger on PS3, and if you bought demon souls then it makes more sense to stick with PS3.

Dead Island: well its a shooter

Skyrim: PC but to me PS3 seems to be the best place for it

Dragon Age: PC but xbox live would be the better choice

Battlefield3: PC but you'll likely find more people on Xbox live

hope that helped

Rainbow Yoshi said:
All for the PS3 apart from Battlefield 3.

What he said

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