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Young boy wishes to join Girl Scouts

Bobby Montoya is a 7-year-old boy from Denver. Unlike a lot of young boys, Bobby has no desire to join the Boy Scouts. Instead, he wants to be a Girl Scout.

We first saw Montoya's story over at 9news.com. The NBC affiliate reports that when the boy's  mother, Felisha Archuleta, tried to sign her son up for Girl Scouts, a troop leader told her no.

Archuleta spoke with 9News about the incident. "I said, 'Well, what's the big deal?' She [the troop leader] said, 'It doesn't matter how he looks; he has boy parts, he can't be in Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts don't allow that, [and] I don't want to be in trouble by parents or my supervisor.'"

Reporters with 9News contacted  Girl Scouts of Colorado about Montoya's application, which prompted the group to release a statement: "Our requests for support of transgender kids have grown, and Girl Scouts of Colorado is working to best support these children, their families and the volunteers who serve them. In this case, an associate delivering our program was not aware of our approach. She contacted her supervisor, who immediately began working with the family to get the child involved and supported in Girl Scouts. We are accelerating our support systems and training so that we're better able to serve all girls, families and volunteers."


We placed a call to Rachelle Trujillo, vice president of communications at Girl Scouts of Colorado, for further clarification. She replied with this statement: "Girl Scouts is an inclusive organization, and we accept all girls in kindergarten through 12th grade as members. If a child lives life as a girl and the family brings the child to us to participate in Girl Scouts, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her. Girl Scouts of Colorado respects the privacy of all girls and families we work with. When a family requests membership for their daughter, we do not require proof of gender, we respect the decisions of families."

So it would seem that Bobby will get his wish. Gender-identity issues are becoming more common, especially among young children--which makes it more likely that the policy of the Girl Scouts will face future tests in the months and years ahead.


Source: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/upshot/young-boy-wishes-join-girl-scouts-210130922.html


Honestly, I don't know why someone would want to send ther kid to a club that practices gender segregation.

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well imo, i dont see any reason for a boy to be in the girl scouts or a girl to be in the boy scouts unless their area doesnt have one of them.

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Maybe it's easier to "graduate" from the girl scouts?

Why shouldn't they? I think that there is no reason not to open to both genders across institutions.

This doesn't make much sense to me. The moment a guy joins the girl scouts it's not girl scouts anymore.

If you start mixing them up, why not have a single group of scouts, like 'kid scouts' or whatever? Or have three options, boys, girls and mixed, and everyone can choose?

Sometimes people go so far in trying to be politically correct that it just becomes silly.

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girls are allowed in the scouts, so surely the opposite should be possible.

Galaki said:
Maybe it's easier to "graduate" from the girl scouts?

Is there any actual difference between the girl scouts and boy scouts (other than the obvious joining criteria)?

"I don't understand how someone could like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, but not like Twilight!!!"

"Last book I read was Brokeback Mountain, I just don't have the patience for them unless it's softcore porn."

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Personally I support the segregation idea.

Having councilled at a camp and done the whole teaching kids and going to activities and such there are big differences between female and male likes and dislikes. My camp is co-ed and I must admit the girls absolutely hate Archery and some of the other activities while the boys absolutely hate crafts. Teaching Sunday school you also realize that boys and girls are drastically different. They behave differently they like different things and are completely different from one another.

I don't see this as discriminatory as both boys and girls are welcome to join scouts. Both get equal opportunities and both are treated just as good as one another by staff (To my knowledge). What I see is a program built specifically to ensure girls and boys get the most out of scouts. That Scouts can provide the best experience for both males and females.

This means Girl Scouts gets activities focused on female interests while boy scouts get male interests. The scouts teachs the children how to survive and do well in life using their specific skill sets often defined by gender. Putting boys in girl scouts is just wrong those activites have been created for girls and chances are the boy won't enjoy them as much. Then there is the fact that girl scouts is a place where girls can go and just be girls without worrying at all about the boys. Boy scouts is a place where boys can go to just be boys and not have to worry about girls.

When I was younger I was in a local scouts program and loved it. We loved not having girls around and the games and activities completely revolved around us. I would bet many girls like the girl scouts for the same reason, no boys. So why should one boy ruin the whole program for the girls? Sure some girls might not mind but the whole program would be thrown into jeopardy by including boys in girl scouts and girls in boy scouts.

Honestly I think there should be a co-ed scouts program for any boys and girls who want to be in each others scouts. That way boys who want to just be around boys can do so, girls who just want to be around girls can do so. This means that each program can provide the absolute best experience for the children involved without involving all this gender crap.

Lastly I find it funny that this is still an issue. Scientifically men and women are so drastically different it makes absolutely no sense to treat them equally in a way where every girl deserves to do every job a man can. I read in my news paper of a girl who wanted to become a fire fighter in my province, but she couldn't pass the physical exam that the males took. She took the Government to court saying that women deserved the equal right to be fire fighters and that the exam's standards should be dropped to accomodate women. The drop was made to both fire and police and then army.

Men and women are not the same. To constantly try and prove they are is completely insane. Yes they both deserve equal pay for the same job. A women is capable of doing every intellectual job a man can to my knowledge. But what do you tell those people who burn up in a fire because the female fire fighter couldn't pull them out? Sorry mam but the fire was against gender equality the female fire fighter was discriminated against by that sexist fire. Or the female police officer that can't defend herself, I saw it on the news a little while back a female officer tried taking down a criminal she started cuffing him but the criminal pushed backwards. She lost control and the criminal was going to bust her up when a man who was walking by intervened and saved her life. Why did that happen? Because she wasn't capable of doing the things a male officer could have.

Fact is women and men are different. Yes its wrong to mistreat women because they can't do everything a man can. But to give women and males the exact same treatment and jobs is wrong. Its wrong because it cheats them and everyone around them. Yes a women is capable of passing the fire fighters exam it is just too difficult for the average women and way harder for a women to do because of the muscle build of a female. Same goes for cop and army, changing the standards to accommodate women that can't do the job is wrong as it could cost lives not only of those they serve but they themselves.

You'd think in a modern society people would realize this. I mean this society is supposed to be civilized and advanced. In a way we have I mean their is WHL and NHL for a reason, women's basketball and men's basketball. Its simply a fact of life that men and women are different and mixing them isn't always the best for them.


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Honestly, i don't know why would get in news, is everything that happens to random kids these gets you news time?

Next up: "Boy Wants To Use Women's Bathroom". Story at 11 o'clock!!

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