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NiKKom was the 4,674,534,409th person!

Find out here


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I was 4,394,362,505th. Although I was born at 4 mins after midnight so I assume I am even earlier than that. but probably not by much.

All I could find was that :



People were born before me.


The link you gave did not work for me.

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7 billion and 1 :P

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Was playing with this earlier today.

"When you were born, you were the 4,874,391,224th person alive on Earth, and the 79,703,845,677th person to have lived since history began ."

*fistpump for all of us 4-billioners.*

Also, I did a little math using the numbers on that site, and based on their numbers, assuming nothing drastic happens, the world population will exceed 7 billion in sixteen days - on the 12th at about 2PM Pacific.

When you were born, you were the:
person alive on Earth

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I was almost 1 billion people earlier than anyone here so far....

thats quite incredible when you think about it.

I'm not really here!

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