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Because of the Sony one, I'm starting this.  Rather keep it to the Xbox brand than MS as a whole.

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Forza, even though when it comes to sales Halo and Gears are ahead of it I think Forza is the premiere exclusive franchise when it comes to Xbox but I think most people will say Halo.


RROD. You asked and I answered with what popped up first lol!


seriously though if this thread was only made as a retaliation to the other one then it should be locked... what went down in the other thread was only some good natured sony bashing, i mean who doesn't get off on that from time to time?

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Crash Bandicoot.

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.. yeah, while microsoft has earned much respect for beeing - in fact - quite awesome when it comes to gaming, i cant help myself to think of them any different as those people who just came by and screamed 'ME WANTZ MONEYPRINTER TOO!' in the bittersweet Nintendo/Sony rivalry that was going on.

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slightly entertaining than PS3.

i manly think where are the hardcore games other then halo and gears.
its a great multi media device but other then that it has little to no value to me.

or this? http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=135934&page=1#