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And btw, only stupid villains (the great majority of them) leet the hero reach his personal room. An efficient villain, faithfull to his ambitions would just trow the protaginst in an endless chasm of flaming death instead.

Above: still the best game of the year.

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Beuli2 said:
And btw, only stupid villains (the great majority of them) leet the hero reach his personal room. An efficient villain, faithfull to his ambitions would just trow the protaginst in an endless chasm of flaming death instead.

An efficient villian would ensure to DO the main character's mother before dying.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


I would be a boss standing in a plain concrete room with no windows and no music. My only weapons a knife and freezing time indefinetly for everyone except myself.

blkfish92 said:
Solid-Stark said:

My song:

That's some great boss music lol

Haha yup i love it!


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Mine would be the theme song to Friends. Over and over and over.

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I would punch people and they would explode into a green ooze. Then I would eat the green ooze and shit them out and the mortal combat fatality music que would play.

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First thing I'd do as a Final Boss is erase all the Player's Save Files. Just because I have to show that person that they're dealing with an entirely different level of evil than anticipated. Then I'd force Player 1 to face Player 2 (and perhaps players 3-8 if online) in a massive environment-destroying battle royale to determine which has the honour of facing and ultimately being defeated by me. At this point the sole survivor should be suffering from a lack of ammo or potions or whatnot, making him worthy of facing my Secondary Form. Which would be an enormous walking Necro-Cybernetic factory to produce an endless wave of enemies while the unfortunate hero scrambles up my form Shadow of the Colossus-style while being assaulted from every angle by my personal defenses. Thirty minutes of destroying key sections of my form defeats it, but my consciousness is downloaded into a prototype ubermech 5X stronger and faster than any other enemy in the game with over a dozen different specialized ranged attacks. Two Steps From Hell makes the music for this fight. My defeat results in a heart-wrenching cinematic that makes the Player feel bad for fighting me. But doing so on the hardest difficulty unlocks a code for free DLC to unlock the Villain Playthrough where they play as the Final Boss through its perspective of the story, revealing the original protagonist to be the true villain all along.

All I've got is music. Sorry.