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You are now the final boss of an epic game! Congratulations. The only thing we've left to sort out are your abilities and a couple of other things.

- So, what will it be? Fireballs? Shockwaves? Something completely different?

- Oh, while we're at it, we'd best get some epic music to play while the battle is going. Mind posting some of that too?

- Of course, no final boss is complete without a brilliant arena for the battle to take place. What will yours look like?


Good luck, and we hope to be implementing you as soon as possible :P

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I know one thing for sure, the music.


I would shoot moree than one fire ball at mario a minute!

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Pikachus abilities

Final Destination stage from Super Smash Bros

Id have the wonderful ability of Majin Buu.

Id make you Chocolate.

Where would we battle? An Oven (warm chocolate anyone?)


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My music:

I'd throw bald eagles at you in the most patriotic location I can think of, Joe Biden's colon.

I would be a boss who controls the power of wind and my fighting arena would be filled to the brim with holes.


My special power would be doing the main character's mother before dying, like a final attack.

My battle song would be that "Why can't we be friends" tune, chances are the main character will get annoyed and leave me alone.

The battle arena would be that supermarket where they are keeping Gadafi's corpse.

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Eh, screw all this fancy stuff.

The ability to not have to telegraph your moves would be enough to crush any would be hero.

badgenome said:

My music:

I'd throw bald eagles at you in the most patriotic location I can think of, Joe Biden's colon.

You should've used Roseanne.