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Well the WiiU is using a custom Blu-ray so I would expect the 360 would use Blu-ray too.

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Metallicube said:
Wouldn't surprise me, considering how much MS is about flaunting their hardware muscle and staying with the latest tech

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i think microsft should use cartridges or vhs, i mean what's more exciting then buying a massive halo 4 blocky game and putting it into youyr big vhs output on your xbox 720 or blowing into the cartridge when your game stops working

MS have come out and said that they can stream 1080p videos anyways now and waiting catchup on peoples internet before moving into it fully (around 2013-2016 is when Microsoft, amazon, apple, google all start moving on cloud gaming i believe) and also just because your friend works at Gamestop doesn't mean he has a edge over you when it comes to these things, if your friend was a engineer over at MS then the rumors have some credibility and even if MS have stated there plans to gamestop there wouldn't be no company wide email to all employees stating that they have spoken with MS and that here are there planes.

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Blood_Tears said:
Lyrikalstylez said:
You guys know sony probably owns less than like 10% of blu-ray revenue right?

The BDA group consists of 17 companies :

CyberLink Corporation
Dell Inc.
Hewlett-Packard Company
Hitachi Ltd.
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
LG Electronics Inc.
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic)
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Pioneer Corporation
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
Sharp Corporation
Sonic Solutions
Sony Corporation
TDK Corporation
Victor Company of Japan (JVC, minority owned by Matsushita), Ltd.
Warner Home Video Inc.

Sony definately owns more then 10%, likely high 20's in that aspect, just under 30% according to this article.


The top 4 ip holders of Blu-ray are Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, and Warner

yeah more than 10% of the ROYALTY REVENUE.. a lot less than anywhere near 10% of blu ray revenue.

Royalties have dropped dramatically and for discs are bugger all now...

Blu-ray royalty rates are expected to plunge with the formation of a global independent Blu-ray licensing company by industry heavyweights Sony, Panasonic and Philips.

A new license system will be established by mid-2009 as a "one-stop shop" for device makers, representing the interests of all Blu-ray patent holders. Licensing will be managed by an as yet unnamed new company, headed by Gerald Rosenthal - former head of intellectual property at IBM. Offices will be spread across the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

As a result of the new licensing systems, royalty rates will drop by 40 percent for individual Blu-ray Disc, DVD and CD format licenses.

The fees for the new licenses will be $9.50 for a Blu-ray player and $14 for a Blu-ray recorder. Making Blu-ray Disc will cost 11 cents for read-only, 12 cents for recordable discs and 15 cents for rewritable discs.



So.... if they get 20% of the royalty, they are looking at 2 cents for every game disc and $1.80 for a player inside a gaming machine.

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MasterVG71782 said:
Unless they're coming up with their own format, I see them going with Bluray. DVD has been showing its age this gen, especially with the fact that some multi-platform titles come on one Bluray and multiple DVDs. I'm sure there are some developers hoping MS adopts the Bluray format.

And they're getting more common. Although there are exactly huge numbers, more and more major releases are having to uses more than one DVD, and pretty sure it used to just be RPGs. Now there are racers (Forza 3 and 4), shooters (Battlefield 3, Halo 3: ODST, Dead Space 2) and whatever LA Noire is classed as, in addition to your RPGs like Mass Effect 2 and Skyrim (I'm assuming that will be a multi-disc game).

kowenicki said:
disolitude said:
Microsoft will be smart to avoid it as I am sure they will...

By next gen, bluray and any disc media in general will be a data bottleneck. Looks like Bluray will top out at around 12X read speed and even at that speed, most blurays have a maximum transfer rate of 350 megaBITS per second(44 MB). This is slower than most newer 7200 RPM hard drives. Not to mention that bluray or whatever drive just adds to the cost of the console which I'd rather have Sony or MS invest in to a better video card or more ram.

PS Vita has the right idea as does the 3DS when it comes to game storage. Solid State memory should be used with a minimum of 100 MB/s data transfer rate. Now we will see if SSD prices can be driven down enough to be used as gaming storage.


blu ray is already old and slow tech... go solid state please.    Blu ray and any spinning media just holds games back.    

SSD plus downloads is the future.

downloads are the future, but right now, its still optical disks,

I'm at university and get a horrible connection at the best of times, quite a few students have the same problem, so potentially, thats a lot of consumers (because university students are a group which play quite a few games), lost already because of how hard and awkward it is to download the games

i would laugh hard at how many xbox fans will be like 'blu ray is the best! look my xbox has bluray' after all the shade they threw at sony.. it would be interesting..

PlaystaionGamer said:
i would laugh hard at how many xbox fans will be like 'blu ray is the best! look my xbox has bluray' after all the shade they threw at sony.. it would be interesting..

It wouldnt bother me. If they use it for games so be it. I still wont be buying bLU Ray films. I have 1080p films on Xbox Live. Al of them which are impossible to scratch or break. Wy would I go backwards in my technology just because its there.

PlaystaionGamer said:
i would laugh hard at how many xbox fans will be like 'blu ray is the best! look my xbox has bluray' after all the shade they threw at sony.. it would be interesting..

You say that like blu-ray would be something new to them?

I would imagine a very large % of 360 owners already have blu ray, especially seeing as you can pick up internet enabled 3d blu ray players for half the price of a PS3.

Its just high def...

I have blu-ray, I have high-def tv channels, I have high def downlads, I have hidef on-demand streaming from various sources

blu-ray is just a circular piece of plastic with a large enough capacity to store more hi def content... so what?

It really isnt a big deal.

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