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Guys, i bring this news exclusively for you. Today i heard in the radio that an acclaimed Argentinian musician, Gustavo Santaolalla, winner of two oscars, was contracted by sony to be the music producer of the next Naughty Dog game.

His words about this new game were:

" puedo adelantar mucho, pero para los que entienden de videojuegos les puedo adelantar que se trata de los mismos desarrolladores de un juego llamado Uncharted, que justamente en estos dias esta sacando la tercera edicion..."

"este nuevo juego es la mayor obra que esta desarrollando esta empresa, es una de las historias mas emotivas que vi en mi vida, y hablo de un videojuego. Tiene accion y mucho dramatismo"

Rough translations:

"...I Can't give much information, but for those who understand about videogames, i can say that it's about the same producers of a game called Uncharted, developers that are delivering their third installment in the series these days"

"This new game is the BIGGEST JOB that the company is developing, it's one of the most emotional stories i've saw in my life, and i'm talking about a videogame. It has lots of action and drama"

Gustavo Santaolalla also said that Sony already gave to him the script and he begun the work in the composition of the music, and that he signed a confidentiality contract...

The game is expected to be launched in 2014/2015 according to Santaolalla.

This is only the link to the presentation of the interview

I'll try to get you the audio of the interview or at least some information about it!

And here it is! you'll need to download it. Sorry! :S

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Anyway, someone is gonna get fiiiired

Signed a confidentiality contract but is already telling us what is probably too much, tehe

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this is the radio link, and the presentation to the interview, i'm still trying to get an audio link.

He also said that the new game launch date is in 2014/2015!

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If it's not Uncharted 4, color me interested.

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looks like it'll be a PS4 release! looks like they're making a new IP... the Uncharted IP will go to a new developer?

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He won't get into trouble. He gave away nothing that wouldn't be found on a typical linkedin website etc.

All we know is Naughty Dog hired him for a game they intend to release in a few years. oh noess!!!!1elevinityone

Wait, 3/4 years until the next game? Makes me sad :(

Well following the news that Sony recently bought the rights back to Crash Bandicoot, I would hope it'd be a reboot of Crash!

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Early PS4 title. ND moving to a new franchise like they do every generation. I hope they can put a decent team on to making Jak 4 as a swan song from Naughty Dog for PS3. This means PS4 tech specs are probably already set in stone.

Decently priced PC HW today is 1GB graphics, 4GB RAM, 3.3GHz CPU. I can see PS4 being somewhere around there. I wonder if they are going to make a Cell 2 or go with a std form of CPU.

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